Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Next Year's Xmas Card

Happy Friekin New Year

If New Year's Day is any preview of what 2008 is going to be like for me I'm in big trouble. I pushed a drunk idiot on the train on my way home, woke up and flipped out on my roommates, wallowed and cried, and basically had a full on nervous breakdown. I suppose I've been so busy for the past few months, putting all emotions on a back burner, that when I finally had a day off everything just caught up to me and I fell apart.

Today, though I was not entirely ready to step out from under the dark clouds, I thought perhaps I'll have a slightly better day. But when I got to work I found that someone had stolen my good chair! Oh the nerve! So I was stuck with a chair that was far too low and my desk was at my chin. I cannot work like this people! And that just set the tone for the day I had.

But I'm home now and I'm ready be rid of my "woh is me" attitude. A new positive me? Fuck no. Just back to being realistic. I took a look at my resolutions last year and realized I didn't accomplish any of them. Oh man, what a failure. But seriously, who was I kidding? Resolution #1 was be nicer to people. I even added "smile more" in parenthesis. Ha! Talk about unrealistic goals! So this year I decided I'm going to undo all of last year's resolutions.

1) I'm not going to be nice to people who clearly don't deserve it. Somebody needs to clue you in that you're a jackass. That somebody will be me.

2) I'm not going to go to the gym. In fact, I'm going to cancel my membership. I pay $85 a month for the little swipey on my keychain and that's it.

3) I'm not going to stop complaining because then what would I blog about?

I think I'll be very successful this year.