Friday, October 30, 2009

Have a great weekend!

PS: If I had a child I would dress them up in animal costumes and tutus everyday!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thai Halloween

Growing up in Thailand, we didn't exactly know what Halloween was. It was some holiday my dad brought over, the one day of the year we were supposed to look "scary." Naturally scary for us translated to a black wig, batman pajamas, red lips, and tablecloth capes. We didn't have pumpkins in Thailand so we carved the "fuck tong," which is a Thai pumpkin. People also didn't trick or treat there so we went from room to room in our house and my mom would run ahead of us and answer the door and hand out lollipops.

Don't we look ridiculous?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ooh la la...

I'm la la lovin these looks from Spanish Moss.

Perhaps for the next date...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Shopping addiction

I need to stop buying things I don't need. But who doesn't need a little bling on their blackberry? I'm so Asian when it comes to phone accessories.

I also bought this Sally Hansen nail polish in Blue Streak. My go to color is usually black because my nails are always chipped and black seems to be the only color that works with the "chipped on purpose" look. But this color reminded me of Miss Brit's bedroom wall. Plus, a little change never hurt nobody.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yankee love

Let's go Yankees! Let's win this in game six! I love watching the Bombers play but I love watching this half Thai hottie in tight baseball pants even more. Mmm yummers!

I'll take both please. : )

***The Yankees are in the World Series!! Woot woot!!!

Inspiration Wall

One of my projects this weekend was to complete my "Inspiration Wall." I took me a while to decide what to hang up on my last empty wall space. I work from home and I spend hours of my day facing this wall, staring blankly at it, sometimes for hours on end, when I've got writer's block. I decided to turn it into an Inspiration Wall, tacking up images that inspire, motivate, and drive me.

I plan on adding to this wall as time goes by but this is the finished product so far:

I originally saw this multiple time zone wall clock at M's apartment and begged him to sell it to me. When he said no I waited for him to fall asleep so that I could steal it, but the opportunity never presented itself.

Inspired by his clock, I decided to make my own with the 3 cities I call the most, Bangkok, London, and New York. I bought the clocks and frames from the dollar store so it cost me less than $20 total!

I found this vintage typewriter print when I was walking through Union Square on a beautiful sunny day two weeks ago. I have a lovely little chat with the vendor, Doug, and he pointed out that there was a little message typed out on the typewriter. It started out saying, "Dear Maura, I'm so sorry..." This makes me a little sad so I decided to tape my own text over it that reads, "The End." The credits in Californication ends like this and I wouldn't mind finally typing out those last words when I finish writing my book.

Speaking of the book, I made a mock book cover to motivate me as well as my dedication page. I always knew that I would dedicate the book to my mom and brother:

I went back to Union Square again this weekend and this time the vendor that I've been looking for who sold this print was there. I don't know why but looking at this print makes me happy.

Over the weekend, I was going through the box of childhood photos that my mom gave to me, and found this picture of my mom while she was pregnant with me. This was the first time I've ever seen this photo and I think she looks absolutely beautiful. I own the same pair of sunglasses, 20 years later.

These two pictures of my brother and I are also included on the wall. He's been my hero ever since I was little and I strive to make him proud.

And these two kitties aren't on the wall but they napped peacefully together while I was hammering away.

Now that my inspiration wall is complete I love my work space even more than ever. I just have to stop staring at the wall and get back to writing!

What about you guys? What inspires, motivates, drives you?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Missed Connection....supermarket edition

I woke up this morning, again, next to my love, Miss Brit. I wanted to stay in bed all day but was craving poached eggs and ice cream. I went to the food store, overdressed (or underdressed, if you want to be literal), in last night's outfit. I was searching for the cheapest turkey bacon when someone said "excuse me" to get by (NYC supermarkets have the most narrow aisles ever). I looked up and locked eyes with the most beautiful guy ever. He had shoulder length dirt blonde hair with matching beard, wearing skinny dark denim jeans and a tweed brown blazer with elbow patches, and was holding a bicycle helmet. I stared for a moment too long. I loved his style. Here was someone else who was just a little overdressed for grocery shopping on a Saturday afternoon. My first thought was to make a joke, "Ha, are you also still dressed from last night?" He looked to put together though. The opposite of my greasy hair and wrinkled clothes, he looked like he showered and got dressed this morning.

I passed him a few more times and kept thinking, "Think fast! Say something witty." What could I say though? He was holding a large bag of potatoes. "I love potatoes!" I really do, but that might just sound weird. What if he was making a nice brunch for his girlfriend and her potato loving family? We checked out at the same time. This was it, last chance to say something. I couldn't think of anything. I'm lame.

He put on his helmet, got on his bike, and rode away.

I came home, made poached eggs for the first time, with a side of turkey bacon and daydreamed about sharing my brunch with the guy with the beautiful hair and the bike helmet.

Friday, October 23, 2009

CB2 wishlist

I've been working on my apartment all week and it's coming along nicely. I just need to make a quick little trip to CB2. I am loving this cityscape duvet cover from CB2:

This owl pillow would match our olive green sofa nicely.

Wouldn't this shower curtain be so great? (Can you tell I like cityscapes?)

And aren't these wine glasses cute? All they are missing is the "Skol" glass for my Scandinavian friends.

I think I'm going to have to wait to make sure my rent check clears next weekend. But isn't it nice to dream till then? Have a lovely weekend!

On Writing

Last night I finally finished On Writing by Stephen King. It took me so long to get through, not because it was difficult, but because I just haven't been able to find the time. This book was recommended to me by a friend and it couldn't have come at a better time since I've been working everyday on my own book.

King mostly talks about writing fiction but his writing tips can be applied to non fiction as well. On Writing was full of gems and left me very motivated to keep on doing what I love. This book was only a loaner but I've marked up almost every page so I have to buy a new copy for my friend. It's totally worth it though. King begins the book with a little background about himself and how he began as a writer. He then takes you through the process, where to write, how often, style, and essentially how to become a better writer. I found this book very encouraging and inspiring. Here are a few of my favorite King-isms:

"...the realization that stopping a piece of work just because it's hard, either emotionally or imaginatively, is a bad idea. Sometimes you have to go on when you don't feel like it, and sometimes you're doing good work when it feels like all you're managing is to shovel shit from a sitting position."

"if you're a bad writer, no one can help you become a good one, or even a competent one. If you're good and want to be great...fuhgeddaboudit."

"But if you don't want to work your ass off, you have no business trying to write well - settle back into competency and be grateful you have even that much to fall back on."

"If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There's no way around these two things that I'm aware of, no shortcut."

King's advice isn't groundbreaking, the undiscovered secrets to great writing, but it's not meant to be. His point is that there are no secrets. There are the tools, which are grammar, vocabulary, and style, and then there is just your drive and commitment. That's the secret. This book is definitely one of my faves.

What I'm reading next:
Across the River and Into the Trees by Ernest Hemingway

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What are you a sucker for?

Ok, just a few days after writing the post about needing more respect from TA and M, I went to see TA again. He greeted me and said, "Nice boots. You look tough."

I said, "Damn. I was going for cute and lovable."
"You're that too," he says.

There is a difference between TA and M though. TA makes me feel beautiful. M does not. I'm always in a better mood after I see TA. M, well,...

I hung out with M again. Whenever I see M I wonder why I continue to do so.

I'm a sucker for the kisses on the back of my shoulder. I'm a sucker in general.

(Image via disneychick)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Cyndi Lauper outlook on dating

(Photograph by the talented Kate Connolly)

I was working at the bar last night when I overheard these two girls talking about dating. The blonde said to her friend, "I wouldn't date him if I didn't see marriage in the future. It's not like I'm rushing down the aisle tomorrow or anything, but I just wouldn't continue with something if that wasn't a possibility in the future. I wouldn't even go on a second date if that was the case."

One of my girlfriends called me last night to recap her date. "Um, yeah, it was fun," she said, without too much enthusiasm. "He was really cute and we had a good time, but he's not for long term." I knew exactly what she meant without her having to explain it. She didn't see him fitting in her life further down the road.

I, too, believe that it only takes one date to know if there is a possibility of marriage in the future. Obviously, it takes a lot more dates to know for sure. But I'm not as quick to move on as the girl in the bar. I have been know to say, after many dates, "Eh, I don't really see a future." The difference, though, is that I add, "But he's fun for now." The last "Fun for Now" guy turned out to be an ill-suited-baggage filled-this relationship-is-going-nowhwere boyfriend of two years.

I'm not someone who fares well with planning ahead. I seem to have an endless supply of FFN's, "Fun for Nows," and not enough FH's, "Future Husbands."

Do you guys move on if you see no future after a few dates? Or do you keep them around for fun?

Monday, October 19, 2009

E-X-P-E-C-T respect.

My date last week didn't exactly go as planned. I was really excited for it but was pretty exhausted and my date, whom we'll call NG, wasn't feeling well. I think we both weren't "on" that night. We had plans to meet my friends for drinks afterwards but NG apologized for not feeling well and had to go home after dinner. I definitely want to give it another chance though.

I met my friends in the West Village and throughout the night both TA and a new boy, M, were texting me. What to do? What to do? Of course I always want to see TA but do I really want to fall back into our routine again? I wanted to see M but didn't want to get into the habit of "coming over" after the bars. I sat at the bar, debating back and forth for 20 minutes. Miss Brit tried to help decide. "It's simple really," she said, "which one's better in bed?" I could answer that question, but I still couldn't decide. I almost wanted to toss a coin. Surely guys have done that right? I don't know what was the tie breaker in the end but I should've chosen to go home. Neither one treat me the way I deserve to be treated.

I had a moment of epiphany this weekend. Bear with me because most of you would say, "Duh," but how would we grow if we don't learn our lessons on our own right? Bionic Woman told me that M bears quite a resemblance to TA with the way he treats me. She says that for some unknown reason I am drawn to assholes. She is right, this I already knew. I exclaimed (a little too loudly) over brunch this weekend that I love dicks. The record stopped, the entire restaurant turned to look at me as if I meant, dicks, the male anatomy, not dicks, the actual male. I realize that I let TA and M get away with their male anatomy behavior because I have no expectations of them. I don't want them to be my boyfriend, therefore I don't expect them to treat me like a girlfriend.

Not meeting expectations is one thing. Not treating me with respect is another. The latter I can't accept.

(Image via Le Love)

Rules for my Nephew

Logan, the most adorable nephew in the world, is growing so fast! He's almost one and a half and is walking and talking. Since I'm sure I won't be having a son anytime soon, I'd love to buy this book for him.

I especially love Rule #311!


I had yet another fantastical weekend. My chores were done, my apartment was clean and I was rested and ready to work. I stayed in Friday night and all day Saturday to work on a new chapter. My landlord hasn't turned on the heat yet so it was fa fa fa freezing in my apartment. I was bundled from head to toe, even wearing my knitted hat to sleep.

The heat came on for a brief moment friday night which resulted in a leak Saturday morning from all of our radiators and also from the apartment upstairs, which was dripping down to ours. Oh, the life of a starving writer; freezing cold and living in fear of the ceiling collapsing.

I finally got around to hanging up some pictures above my bed.

It's hard to see but they're black & white pictures of London, Kent, and East Dulwich, England.

All of my beloved books finally have a home on my IKEA bookcase. They're not alphabetized and organized yet but I just love looking at them sitting on the shelves.

I have one wall left, above my desk and dresser that is still bare. I've been debating what to do with it, which pictures I wanted to hang, but then I saw this living room from Made By Girl and was totally inspired. Why not hang them all up? I've always been a little hesitant about hanging things up. What if I decide to move it and have a big giant hole in my wall? I've also always been a little anal about having things match, which none of my stuff does. These mismatched frames go so well together, I'm inspired to make my own Inspiration Wall. (coming soon!)

I worked late Saturday night and decided to pimp myself out in exchange for a warm apartment to sleep in. Luckily, Miss Brit took me up on my offer, picked me up from work, stopped at a McDonalds drive through, went back to her place and stayed up late talking and eating in bed. I woke up next to her the following morning and thought, "Isn't it nice to wake up next to someone you love for a change?"

Miss Brit's mom woke us up Sunday morning and we headed to Bondi Road for brunch and unlimited drinks. B and I agreed that brunch has to be our favorite food. The place was super cute, an Aussie themed tiny hole in the wall, and the Eggs Benedict (my fave) and bloody marys were excellent. (Not to mention our Aussie waiter was McHot). We stayed there until they began setting up for dinner. (Read: way too long!)

We attempted to go shopping afterwards which we realized very quickly was not a wise idea. We were stumbling around, barely able to pull ourselves together. Our taxi driver earlier was laughing at us, saying he usually gets our kind after 10pm on a Saturday night.

I'm feeling a little under the weather today, I think from sleeping in a 30 degree bedroom. I've got some vitamins, tea, and meds and hoping to beat this before it gets worse.

Looking forward to what this week has to offer. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Have a wonderful weekend!

There are days when I am just oozing with self confidence. So much so that you'd probably like to walk up to me and punch me in the face or stick a needle to my inflated head.

Then there are days when I just don't feel like I am enough. Not tall enough, skinny enough,pretty enough, endowed enough, smart enough, successful enough, good ENOUGH.

Someone said this to me this week which I thought was so sweet:

So, my dears, when you are having one of those "not enough" days, remember, there is someone out there who thinks you're more than enough. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Flirty Owls

I had the day off yesterday and finally got around to cleaning my room, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and most importantly, finishing writing a chapter that I had been working on for a while. I had dinner plans later in the evening with an old friend and was ready to celebrate after finishing the chapter. We went to dinner at Civetta in Soho which was really cute and the food was super yummy. My friend and I hadn't talked in a long time so we got all caught up over (quite a lot of) vino and liquor. Before dinner (and because I was 30 minutes late! It was the subway I swear!) he was drinking a Negroni, an aperitif made of gin, sweet vermouth, bitters, and Campari. It is the most god awful taste to hit your buds but because it tastes so bad it's supposed to prepare your palette and make everything else taste that much better. After the talk we had over dinner about love, life, and lessons learned we decided to call our outlook on life, The Negroni, which loosely translates to, "After all the bad, with every wrong turn you make in life, there is something good waiting at the end of the path." I'm liking this newly named outlook.

You know what else I liked? My outfit last night. Not to toot my own horn and all but toot, toot! It was one of those nights where I kept asking people, "Don't I look so damn cute?"

You know what else is cute? Civetta had these owl decals on the windows of their restaurant.

I love owls and thought they were just so cute but I had no idea what it had to do with Italian Food. I looked up civetta today and that actually means "owl" in Italian. Civettare also means "to flirt" in Italian. So I found an awesome new restaurant, had a great time, and also learned a new word to add to my vocab. Woot!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For you, Tomson

It's late, I'm tired, yet I can't sleep.

It's October and the excitement of my favorite holiday of the year looms over my head. But there's something else. Every time I think of this month, I am reminded that I lost a dear friend two years ago in a motorcycle accident. I think about him often. Random things trigger his memory; A bicycle with a basket, black rimmed glasses, big smiles, tongue rings, sweaty palms, tequila, runway shows, baked potatoes, silly dancing, German accents...

Because of Tomson, I am reminded how precious life is.
For Tomson, I vow to live my life to its fullest.
For Tomson, I vow to live fearlessly and take more chances.

I'd like to dedicate my month of October to Tomson. Maybe you'd like to as well? Can you add to my list?
Wear that funky outfit.
Eat that extra (5) cupcake(s).
Stay out a little later.
Dance on tables.
Talk to strangers.
Make the first move.
Smile more often.
Break all the rules.

My boss, who is a baseball fanatic, always asks, "How you gonna hit that ball if you don't swing?"
For Tomson, I am going out swinging.

*i miss you everyday.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Speaking of dates...

I have a "real date" tonight. So far he's made all the right moves. He called on Friday to see if he could take me out today. He called this morning to see what time would be best tonight. I don't want to get my hopes up but I'm pretty excited.

Now, more importantly, what to wear, what to wear? I really want to wear this outfit by Spanish Moss but I'm thinking it might be a bit much. Isn't it so cute though? I'm loving the lace tights.

Wish me luck, darlings!

Make a connection, pick up the phone

One of my "codes" of blogging (yes, I'm channeling Dexter. Only difference between us is that he kills bad people and I kill people with bad writing.) is that I try not to write about my dating experiences in real time. It's out of respect to the guy but also because blogging about current dates always affects the relationship. I'm going to break this code juuuuust this once though.

A friend recently put on her facebook status:

Tip for my male friends: when you exchange info with a woman, your first contact should not be text. pick up the phone and make a human connection/effort. you are not diddy--you have the time. trust me

I couldn't have agreed more or said it better myself. The past few times I've given my number to someone, they have all followed up with a text saying "Hi" or "What are you up to?" What ever happened to calling someone? I hate going on a first date without really having ever talked to someone aside from the 15 minutes at the bar while the guy is working up to getting my number.

Also, Guys, if you want to ask a girl out, don't ask via text. Call her. Even worse is when I get a text on Saturday that says, "I'll be out tonight, let's meet up." Negative points if it's followed by, "Bring your friends." What are we in college? How about calling a girl and asking her out on a proper date like, "Hey let's do dinner on Tuesday," or, "Let's grab drinks after work tomorrow." Bonus points if you already have a place in mind. It shows that you're confident and that you've put some thought into a place you think the girl might enjoy.

Speaking of dates, I was watching Sex and the City reruns at my moms last week and the episode where Big calls Carrie to ask her to go on a first "real date" was on. It got me thinking, when was the last time I've been on a real date? What constitutes a real date? I've met up for drinks or met someone out at a party but I haven't been taken out to dinner in quite some time. In fact, I can't even recall the last date I was on.

When was your last "real date?" What did you do? What do you consider a "real date?" So many questions!

And remember, Love is possible

I set out this weekend with so many plans and of course I ended up not following through with any of them. Typical of me because I hate having plans. Instead I got to see my two playmates in one weekend. I had a much needed night out with H where we danced on tables and then went back to her place, ordered food and fell asleep in all our clothes and jacket before the food arrived. Rockstars we are.

Sunday was a gorgeous fall day and I decided to just go for a walk. I passed through the vendors at Union Square and saw some really awesome prints and paintings. I really wanted to buy something but I wanted so many and couldn't decide. I came across a print that said "Love is possible" that just made me smile. I went back today to get it but the vendor wasn't there. I'm going to have to check back.

Last night I went to watch the Yankee (woot woot!) game with the fabulous Miss Brit and a few other friends. I hadn't seen Miss Brit in almost a month and every time I see her I realize why I love her so much. She warms my Bunwin heart and had me cracking up the entire time. I need her in larger doses.

This photo isn't Miss B, obvi, but I just thought it was funny. We continued to drink heavily after the game until...well...I can't say actually. As Bionic Woman would say, I was in a "circumstance." wink wink.

I woke up hungover but still smiling from the wonderful, much needed weekend. Bring it on, Monday, I'm ready to take on the week!