Monday, October 25, 2010

tres adorable!

These photos of my little nephew just warm my heart.

mon petit amour...

Anyone in general hates...

I just saw this post on Stuff Hipsters Hate (a hilarious site) about hating being asked about what they're wearing. Although I'm not a hipster, I too hate being asked about what I'm wearing. I always get a question about an accessory or article of clothing. Especially when I wear a headband I get asked if I'm an Indian, Rambo, working out, or what its purpose is, or what was my inspiration.

Why can't I just wear what I want to wear? How does it affect anyone else? My method of getting dressed is not unlike that of a 5 year old child who wakes up and decides she wants to wear a tutu, cheetah tights, and a tiara (I own all of the above). So to answer the question- I'm inspired by 5 year olds. There doesn't have to be a reason for what you're wearing. I like it and I felt like wearing it.

Do I ask you why you're wearing the same striped shirt, faded dad jeans, and Aldo dress shoes like every other person in the vicinity? Do I ask if you all planned to look like a d-bag together? No. I assume it's a personal choice.

(I copied and pasted the post below since it's on Tumblr the post may be on a different page when you click on the link)

Darwin’s theory of sexual selection states that an ostensibly maladaptive trait, a handicap such as a big honking peacock tail, is actually adaptive in that it signals to mates a specimen of exceptional quality. Indeed, because the peacock devoted so many resources to growing such useless and even cumbersome plumage, the theory goes, he who has the biggest feather-fan must be pretty goddamn hardy.

A similar principle is at work in hipster’s selection of attire. Take a reasonably attractive woman and add a hideous pair of oversize grandpa glasses. Still pretty? OK, now throw on a slightly tattered dress shaped like a muslin garbage bag. Still looking good? Toss in some Daria-like boots that appear to be solely designed to make legs look like tree stumps. Plop on an ill-fitting sunhat for good measure. Not cringing yet? Then she must’ve been pretty fucking pretty to begin with.

Like most evolutionary forces, this motivation runs entirely under any given hipster’s consciousness. Therefore, actually questioning an item or items adorning said hipster’s body will short circuit more than a few American Spirits-shriveled brain cells. The h-kid will likely turn it into an opportunity to rue your bad personal taste, responding with a glare and an empathic, “Because it’s cool.” The implication, of course, is that you know nothing of the topic.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


This weekend I was looking forward to going to Jersey to see my girlfriends. I was exhausted and low on funds but I see them so rarely that I had to go. Romy picked me up from the train station and we went to a new bar in town to wait for the other girls. I swear, when I get off the train from New York and walk straight into a Jersey bar I always get culture shocked. I'm not trying to sound like a city snob but when I'm in a bar full of Jerseyians I feel like I'm in a foreign country. I couldn't believe how many cougars were out; bleached, tanned, and wrinkled wearing Harley Davidson leather and miniskirts. Oh my! I turned to Romy and said, "Please snipe me if I'm still single at that age, dressing like that, and prowling a college bar for a lay." Good lord. Then I looked at the bartenders and saw that they all had serious cleavage, spray tans, tramp stamps, and their t-shirts knotted in the back so that an inch of their hip shows. I looked around the bar and noticed this back-knot-exposed-hip seemed to be a trend. An unflattering one. Please do not attempt this look unless you're a shot girl. Oh speaking of shot girl...I have not been to a bar that had a shot girl since college...And I couldn't believe I was last night.

As I was standing in the bar staring in disbelief at all the stereotypes standing together in one room, a guy I didn't know handed me a shot and said, "Here's a shot for're welcome," and walked away. I looked down at the shot and turned around to see where the guy went. That can't be good right? A stranger hands you a shot and doesn't stick around to hit on you? I imagined him watching me from afar, waiting for the moment right before my head was going to hit the ground. I love a free shot but something told me I should pass on that one. The trouble was, it was one of those shots bought from a shot girl that comes in a test tube. I couldn't set the tube down on the bar without it's (mysterious) contents spilling all over. So there I was just holding this possibly roofie filled shot. It provided some comedic moments as I tried to hand it off to someone else. Apparently girls don't hand guys shots often. I was met with dubious looks, a sniff of the tube, and the following questions, "Wait, why aren't you taking it?" "So wait, you want to see if I get poisoned?" "Why don't we all have a little bit?" "So we should all get clubbed and raped together?" I was finally able to find and empty pint glass to drop the tube in. Entertainment temporarily halted.

Romy and I decided to ditch the meathead-fest reminiscent of college and head to a nearby pub to meet our girlfriends. When we walked out we saw the line formed down the street to get into the bar we were just at. We were all the coolest party in town and didn't even know it. "It's not that great, guys," we yelled over our shoulders.

The pub was a little low key for us but it gave us a chance to drink for cheap and catch up. I've known these girls for 16 years and the stories that come up each time are just priceless. Then this walked in...

Russell Brand and Katy Perry!!! Carebears and her husband had come from a costume party and had us laughing for at least ten minutes straight. This couple's costume idea may have multiplied my love and admiration for them by a million. We told them they had the best costumes this Halloween and they answered that it wasn't even Halloween yet. Exactly. They've set the bar. I must've taken 100 pictures of Russell...

I had to rush back to NYC today because I have a million things to do...but I was sad to leave my friends and Jersey. As much as I poke fun of Jersey, and complain about the annoying journey to get there, and as much as I feel like a four headed alien when I'm there, it somehow has a way of making me feel comforted. The memories that are conjured by certain places ("hey remember the time we were here and...") always seem to surprise me. And the's that feeling of no matter how long you've been gone or what's happened in your can return and Jersey will always be...Jersey.

And of course my girlfriends...I say this after every time I see them...which is still just never enough...My heart is filled with so much love when they're around and I feel like no matter where we've been, or where we move, and no matter where we are...I feel like I'm at home when I'm with them.

shoulda stayed in...

Wednesday, I actually had plans to go out but I got home after work and after about 5 days straight of going out I couldn't even move. I was on the couch shaking and sweating.

Thursday, I went Halloween costume shopping (you'll see!) and planned on spending the evening cutting, gluing, and sewing. But then I came home to some news that wasn't pleasant and decided I needed to go out to take my mind off things. My girlfriend, Kristin, and I got invited to a party at Greenhouse for Neyo's birthday. I've had a great time there before and it's not somewhere I go often so I decided to go.

Either I'm getting older or people are getting douchier...or both...because the experience was not fun at all. The place was crowded with rude men, girls in too tight too short dresses (and that's saying a lot because there's never too short for me), 1 girl with dreadful, gag inducing B.O., people pushing from all directions, and the following most awful guy ever:

This guy approached me and asked me where I was from. I said I lived here, meaning New York. He said, "I know that but where are you from originally?" I said Thailand. He said, "Oh, I could've guessed that." I'm certain he couldn't have or else he would've guessed that to begin with. So he asked, "Do you speak Chinese?" This did it for me. Why the fuck would I speak Chinese- I asked- Do you speak Chinese? "No," he answered and tried to change the subject but I couldn't even hear him anymore. I turned to Kristin and said- We're leaving.

Honestly, is this all that's left? My girlfriend, Hannah, said to me, "I never realized how much racial douchebaggery you have to deal with." Please tell me there are still intelligent, cultured, funny (and bearded and tattoed) men out there. Please.

just like sex...

I was so hungover Tuesday morning and could barely get through numbers 1 and 2 on the TO DO list (1. Get out of bed 2. Do laundry). My best friend, Romy was planning on visiting but since she's always so busy I assumed she was going to cancel. But to my surprise she called and said she was catching a train in an hour. I couldn't turn down a rare chance to have a night out with her in NYC so I chugged some coffee, gatorade, and coconut water and pulled myself together.

We had some dirty martinis while I was struggling to get dressed. Then we headed to the Lower East for some tapas at Macondo (a favorite of mine, where I also had my birthday dinner). Romy's friend Jimmy also joined us and we fought over shared some salmon ceviche, duck tacos (agreed favorite), tuna on flatbread, and cod fish. Romy and I had the yummiest dessert in a glass cocktail called Banana and Cachaca. (I will be making pitchers of this at home).

After dinner Jimmy suggested karaoke. Now if anyone has known me in my 28 years of life I have never, not once, agreed to karaoke. I am the most horrifying singer in the entire universe and would rather eat shit than sing for anyone to hear me. But I don't know what got into me, I was in the company of friends who are open to any adventure, and I decided I'd do karaoke. I knew, if anything, it would be a ton of laughs. We walked up to Sing Sing on St. Marks where my karaoke enthusiast friends always go.

We got there and Romy and Jimmy got right into it, taking the mic away from a guy who was already singing, and stole the song, Complicated, by Avril Levine. I really thing they should both consider quitting their day jobs and working together as karaoke hosts.

Finally, it was my turn. I can't tell you how nervous I was. I mean, I've held out for 28 years, kinda like smoking cigarettes, I felt like, "Why start now?" I had such a hard time picking a song. Like the guy you lost your virginity to I felt like the song would be remembered forever, as much as you wished to erase it from your memory. I finally agreed to a duet with Romy (baby steps) with Britney Spears' Oops I Did it Again. A karaoke virgin singing a song of an at the time virgin. Fitting.

Oh gosh, again, like sex, after the first time I was addicted! I wanted to sing all day everyday!

We went through a bunch of songs; Bohemian Rhapsody, Superfreak, Bennie and the Jets (such an awesome karaoke song. Always reminds me of the scene in 27 Dresses). I learned that in all these years I never knew the words to any songs. That's what they're singing about??? Electric Boobs???

Someone chose the song I Swear by All 4 One and it brought Romy and I right back to our middle school dances where no boys would dance with us to this song. We always end up slow dancing together...even to this day...We kept it middle school by dancing arms length apart.

We were BELTING out the lyrics..."And I swear!!!!! By the moons and the stars and the skies!!!!!"

And that was when Jimmy had had enough. "Time to go," he said as he pried the mics from our hands. We walked down St. Marks for more drinking (why stop now right?) and passed a mountain of pumpkins. They were just inviting us to jump in! (This photo cracks me up).

After our eyes (mostly mine) were crossing from drinking we got some pizza and taxied back to Astoria for a slumber party (you know, my fave!). This might have been the most fun I've had in a long time and that's saying a lot since I am a fun magnet.

I made Romy promise to visit every Tuesday!

maturity is overrated

I feel like I've been out everyday last week. Oh wait, I was. Most of the time I never really plan on doing anything. I was working on Monday until 8PM... and then some friends came by...and then...Well...

I asked my girlfriends this weekend if it's possible that I'm an alcoholic. I mean, I drink an awful lot. They asked me, "Do you keep a handle of vodka in your car?" Well no, I answered, I don't have a car. "Do you feel like you need a drink?" They asked. No, I answered. It's just that I can never turn down an invite. "Oh, well," they said, "that's OK then. You're just popular." Haha. I like that assessment much better.

So we sat around drinking and drinking on Monday. Then we decided to have a dougie contest. (Such a hot dance). Loser had to pay the entire tab. After the contest we decided to wander the streets looking for a more happening bar in the East Village. It was a Monday so most places were quiet that night. We decided to stop into Continental Bar for their 5 shots for $10 deal. (Are we in college here?) After walking around some more we decided we weren't going to find a dance party and settled on a bar in Union Square that serves a free pizza for every drink you buy. (Again, are we in college?) The pizzas were totally unnecessary and I felt like a cow the next morning but at the time being, I imagined this is probably what heaven is like.

During the course of the night I was tricked into joining the Pen 15 club. (Going with our immaturity theme).

And decided to put the free NYC condoms to good use...

And passed by this bar on our search for a party but didn't go in because I had non-Asians with me.

We're too old to be ordering Woo Woo shots anyway...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

glass and nails

I've been doing a lot of shopping for the fall lately but I haven't had a chance to sort through it all yet. So let me start with the small stuff...

I don't know how I've gone this long without a pair of classic aviators (a staple) but I finally got a pair of Ray Bans. I am so attached to them I may turn into one of those people who wears sunglasses indoors. Maybe..

I'm excited to switch to darker nail colors for the fall. (Darker everything actually...hello black clothes!) This is Sole Mate from Essie...

And I'm even more obsessed with this deep cerulean blue (is that a real color?) called Mesmerize, also from Essie...

With names like Sole Mate and Mesmerize...does it sound like I'm looking for something here? Winter boyfriend much?

words and arms

A few that I love from The Word Made Flesh...

Gosh, it makes me what a tattoo so bad...But I could never decide on what and where...


I feel like I haven't stopped to breathe in weeks. I reckon I could schedule in sleep sometime next week.

(image via tattoolit)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

for bookworms...

I'm so excited to be going to The Word Made Flesh book launch party at powerHouse Arena in Brooklyn tonight. The book is made up of photos of tattoos inspired by literature. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

and all I got was this...

While Hannah was visiting, we spent an afternoon at The Met. We stopped in the gift shop afterwards and while Hannah was looking for postcards, I was in the children's section playing with the unicorns, princesses, and knights figurines. What this has to do with The Met, I'm not sure, but I clutched the unicorn close to my heart and said, "Oh I really want to take her home!" Hannah told me to buy it and I asked, "But what does it do?" I pictured it collecting dust in all the clutter in my small apartment. "It doesn't have to do anything," she answered, "it's a unicorn."

And so... I went to The Met and returned with a unicorn. : )

Thursday, October 14, 2010

photobooth fun

This is how we spent an hour of our Sunday... : )

the return of Sunday Funday

I haven't gone out on a Sunday in a while since it's one of the few days I have off. I usually end up lounging on the couch but Miss Brit invited me out for brunch. I was pretty worn out from my week with Hannah but the weather was so gorgeous and the restaurant was near the hospital where I needed to get my stitches out. I figured it would be incentive for me to go to the hospital since I have been avoiding it. I was going to go before brunch but I was running late so I figured I'd go after. We went to Mercadito Cantina in East Village. I've never had Mexican breakfast before and I decided to branch out and order the Estrellados, eggs over easy on a corn tortilla with avocado, oaxaca cheese, bacon bits, and salsa verde. It was a flavor combination I had never tasted before and it was delicious!

Of course, it isn't brunch without unlimited mimosas. I was hoping to have a wee buzz to calm my nerves for the hospital but I ended up being proper drunk before I knew it. The sun was still shining and I was having a fantastic time so I decided I'd go after the sun set.

Maybe we had a few too many...

We decided to go back to our friend's apartment, hang out, and drink some rum on his rooftop. I mean how do you say no to that? On our walk over we passed a bar that Miss Brit and I had gone to years ago. It had a photo booth and we decided to make a little detour and spend an hour hamming it up in the photo booth.

Finally, we made it to the roof. (Does this view ever get old?)

And watched the sun set...(le sigh)

After the sun set we realized we were pretty hungry again and headed out to St. Marks in search of food. After browsing lots of menus we finally agreed on Cafe Orlin where we had a lovely sidewalk table and housed steak and potatoes and washed it down with bottles of red wine.

After we were fed we were refueled for more drinks. We strolled down St. Marks in search of another bar. It was just another set of shenanigans at the next bar. Some random guy offered to draw my portrait for 25 cents and I figured, why not? I sat there for an hour while this guy drew the crappiest picture I've ever seen. I bet him my quarter back that I could draw a better picture. I'm not sure how long this went on for but we all got into get and decided to all sit and draw at the bar. Maybe we were just drunk but it was very entertaining.

I ran into some more friends later and ended up going to another bar back in Queens until 4AM. So what was supposed to be a 2 hour brunch turned into 14 hours of drinking. Seriously, I love NYC for so many reasons and one of them is that there is a random adventure around every corner. And I love my friends who are always open for a little spontaneity and make an ordinary Sunday one of the most Fundays ever.

This bunny was drunk and ready for bed by 5AM. A Sunday well spent.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our NYC love affair

This is a 7 day photo diary of my friend, Hannah's, visit. I picked her up from JFK Saturday afternoon, we dropped off her bags in Astoria, and headed straight to Central Park since the weather was beautiful. (I was a serious Tourist Nazi and didn't give her a moment of down time). We arrived too late for the row boats (which I've never done and have been dying to find someone to go with)...actually, we couldn't find the boat house, so we vowed to return before the week was over.

We came home to change and then headed down to East Village for a gorgeous rooftop party. The weather was beautiful and I thought the view was super impressive, especially for a first time visitor. I think Hannah was more excited about drinking out of a red solo cup... apparently they are iconic for American house parties.

I couldn't wait to make breakfast in the morning. It's my favorite meal to cook and frankly no one ever sticks around for it. (wah wah wah). I feel like when you cook for one you kinda half ass it so it was nice to make full breakfasts and loved getting the chance to experiment with different ingredients. (I used my new London mug and Hannah used my NYC mug).

It was another gorgeous afternoon and we headed down to Battery Park to catch a ferry to the Statue of Liberty. In all my years in NY I have actually never been so I was extremely excited. Perhaps even more than Hans.

The views were absolutely magnificent but we both had pictured the statue differently. Hannah said it seemed much bigger in the movies and she imagined it to be closer to Manhattan. I had imagined her taller and more slender and was surprised that she was quite fat. Lady Libs is a heffer! (no disrespect)

After we got off the ferry we walked the Brooklyn Bridge, my absolute favorite thing to do in NYC on a gorgeous day. There's something so magical about watching the city change colors as the day goes on.

I was in awe at this view of Brooklyn. As the sun set the city looked like it was made of clay.

The following Monday was a rainy day so we decided to check out the Guggenheim. My those winding floors are a strain on the butt and calves! I was so sore later. Doesn't Hannah look like a little Urban Outfitter's model?

We decided to walk to Fifth Avenue after. We were quite hungry but it was close to dinner time so we decided to stop in FAO Schwartz for some candy. Yummmm.

We had the most amazing Thai I've had in NYC at Sripaphai in Woodside. They are the only place I've ever found that has my childhood favorite, Kao Mun Gai (chicken rice).

The following Tuesday was another rainy day so we headed to The Met. The art is amazing but I just love the architecture of the building as well.

After a day of culture we took the subway down to Times Square. As a New Yorker, we avoid this place at all costs, so it always surprises me when visitors are so impressed. But I can understand why...and it's not so bad when you're not in a hurry to get through the crowd. We sat on the bleachers and enjoyed our chocolate purchases from Hershey's and watched the people and the lights.

I couldn't stand the thought of waiting on line for 2 hours or paying $18 for the Empire State Building so I took Hannah to 230 Fifth, a bar with a great view of the building. (Any excuse to pop in a bar right?) We enjoyed a glass of wine and then stopped by the Gansevoort Hotel on Park Ave for another rooftop view. (And an excuse for another drink!)

My good friend, Tim, was working and he got us to stick around for more than one. He was done shortly after so we got him to come back with us for a homemade Thai dinner by me. By the time we were done eating we were proper drunk and decided why not have some more? We hung out at a local bar and just got silly. Here we are playing telephone with bar condiments.

I had to work Wednesday afternoon which gave Hannah a chance to sleep in a bit. (The only break she got and it was much needed after the night we had). She came to meet me in Soho later in the afternoon and we headed to Delicatessen for dinner. Hannah and I shared the tuna tartar and a lobster roll (it was her first time having lobster!). My girlfriend, Kristin, also came to dinner and it was just a perfect girl's night. We had yummy cookies and milk for dessert and I thought all that was missing was a game of Girl Talk and some cosy pajamas. But it wasn't quite time for bed yet. After dinner we headed out to a few different bars in the Lower East Side. It was a completely unplanned night and it turned out to be a blast. Who needs men when you have such good girlfriends, right? (All we did was look all night. ; ) )

The sun finally came back out on Thursday and we went back to Central Park on a hunt for the row boats. It's something I've always wanted to do and no boy would ever go with me. (wah wah wah) We got there at 4pm and there was no wait at all. We just handed them the money and deposit and we had a row boat for an hour. Poor Hannah was in charge of the rowing since my hand was still bandaged. I was secretly thankful and wished I had a little parasol held over my head as well. ; ) I have to say this might be my most favorite thing I've done in New York. It was just...perfect. All that was missing was a bottle of champagne. While Hannah rowed we talked about her plans of moving to New York and how much fun we would have and how great it would be if we got married. I wondered if other couples in the adjacent row boats were having the same talk.

Here are our mug shots, having tea in our London and NYC mugs. How fitting.

It was our last day together in NYC and we had a really big night planned so we decided to take it easy and go for a walk in the afternoon. We got some NY bagels from Brooklyn Bagels for breakfast and took a stroll to Astoria Park (another favorite of mine as well). It was nice to just chat about our lives and again we dreamed about our life together in NYC.

That evening, her last night in NYC, I had 4 birthday parties to attend. Eeep! How was I gonna fit it all in? Well, I just couldn't. I made it to 3 and a half. We made it to 5 bars and fit in 12 hours of drinking. I'd say that's pretty impressive.

Here we are showing off our engagement ring for the first time. We argued over who got to wear the ring and switched off throughout the night. We might just have to get two.

At last call it sunk it that I only had 2 more hours of Hannah. I was seriously bummed.

I actually passed out right when I got home from the bar and was pretty sad that I didn't get to stay up with her until the car service came. I woke up at 9 AM, so disoriented, looked to my left and realized she was gone. I just had this sinking feeling. I walked around the rest of the day as if my puppy had died. She was with me 24/7 for 7 days and never once did I get tired of her company. In fact, my apartment now feels empty without her. My life no longer has meaning...ok, ok...I'm going a bit far. hahah. But seriously, it may have been one of the most amazing weeks ever. Have you ever had a best friend that you just wished could be by your side every minute? I am daydreaming of our wedding and how much fun we'd have living together. The first things we'd register for would be 1) A ginger cat 2) a tea set and 3) an omelette maker.

I love having visitors in NYC because it gives me a chance to slow down and take in the beauty of this city. I was reminded of how much I love this city and learned how much I love my friend. (Could she be any more perfect?)