Monday, June 28, 2010

weekend update

Oh my gosh. Where have I been? I've been so busy, I don't even know what day it is. I've been working so much and always have the intention of staying in but I also can never say no to anyone. I went shopping after work on Thursday for some birthday gifts and was looking forward to kicking up my feet when I got home and painting my nails. (I was excited about painting nails). Around 8 PM, a friend called and invited me to a house party. I looked down at my raggedy, chipped nails and thought, oh I'll just hide my hands in my pockets. Besides, I had to work early in the morning so I figured I'd just stop by to say hello. I walked in as they were finishing up a game of asshole, was handed a cup of rum punch (oh the Jamaica memories came rushing back) , and got started on a game of beer pong. I felt like I was back in college. No, wait, I was a huge dork in college and didn't go to parties. After being at the party for 20 minutes I learned I didn't have to work the next morning. This was when I knew the night was going in a different direction. The party continued with more rum punch, shots, flip cup, strobe lights, and people dancing with their shirts off. So this is what college is like.

(this was me shielding my eyes when all the shirts came off)

I could barely get out of bed Friday morning but then I received a text from one of my best friends and college roommate that she was in town and wanted to grabbed a drink. Rarely does my arm need to be twisted to drink but it sure did need a huge tug to get me off the couch. I was exhausted but I couldn't turn down a chance to see my friend. I chugged some coconut water, inhaled a plate of mac n cheese (the combo hangover cure) and we headed to a new bar, Canz, near my apartment for some beers and World Cup. The service there was so incredibly bad, especially for a place that staffs one server for every table, that it was actually comical. But aside from worrying that we were inconveniencing the waitress by ordering food and beer from her, we had a blast catching up. I don't get to see my girlfriend enough and I tried my hardest to get her to miss her train by ordering more rounds. After she left, I continued on (gotta finish what you started right?) to meet some  friends for karaoke night (don't worry, I didn't sing). I had to work early the next morning so I forced myself to leave at a reasonable hour (I mean, I had been drinking since 2 PM), picked up some Taco Truck (my first time!), and headed home.

I watched some more World Cup on Saturday- poor USA- they had so much heart. Later Saturday night I headed down to Pianos to meet some friends for Elfin's half birthday celebration (any excuse to party right?). I think this bar is the official birthday party bar. I've been to 3 birthdays here already, including my own, and have never had a bad time. We danced like fools all night and there are photos to prove it. (not shown here though)

I was given an endless supply of elfin hugs and kisses.

An awesome dance party night must always end at a diner (not really, but I wasn't ready to go home yet) and that's where we stuffed our faces with omelets and fries, just so that I would have something to regret in the morning.

I've got another busy week ahead of me so I'm going to try not to go out again till at least Thursday. You know what that means...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, D!!!

We met 6 years ago on an island in Thailand and have since gone on some wild adventures together. From Bangkok to Samet to Koh Panghan to Singapore to Malaysia, lots of shared bungalows and hostels, many hours spent sitting on a bus, boat, 7-Eleven stoops, talking, dancing, drinking, shopping, and pondering the meaning of life (usually when we're hungover and have nothing better to do).

A never aging face or heart, a real life Peter Pan, a one time stranger who's entered my life and created priceless memories. Happy Birthday, my dear friend.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy (day late) Father's Day!

I was out of town yesterday but I just wanted to wish a late Happy Father's Day to my big brother and all the other fathers out there who make a difference in their children's lives.

And now it's the first day of summer and what a beautiful day to kick it off. I'm looking forward to a fantastic summer in the city.

Friday, June 18, 2010

bars, boys, and balls

Last night I started off with this gigantic drink that Little One made me. I felt like a was on Spring Break. Don't worry, I didn't lose my top or find myself naked in a hotel swimming pool with 20 girls. That was so 2004.

We met some friends at Rio Grande for birthday crackeritas (my favorite!). And then off to High Bar for more drinks.

Then we went to XXI Bar to meet more friends. The bar was super packed and everyone was cheering. What is this so called basketball that's got everyone screaming at the TV screen? And why do I have a donut around me?

It was such a fun night but I got in a taxi and went home before I started displaying spring break behavior. I woke up too late and too tired to go to a bar to watch the USA World Cup match so I watched it at home on the couch. What a terrible call by the ref! USA totally got robbed but what a great game! Little One came over to lay out during the sunny afternoon and then I came back inside to watch the England game. What a snoozer! I fell asleep after the half. Now I'm sitting at home watching the subway series. When did I become such a sport fan? I'll be completely sported out by August but does watching hot men running around, swinging, and kicking at balls ever get old?

hello kitties

I just couldn't resist. How cute does Gus look snuggling with my Hello Kitty?

i'm your biggest fan

I try to mix in some cultural activities in between the binge drinking. Wednesday evening I went to see one of my favorite authors, Sloane Crosley, at Barnes & Noble in Tribeca. It's been said that some of the best authors are the ones you want to hang out with after reading their book. Crosley was definitely as cool and funny in person as she seemed in her first book of essays, I Was Told There'd Be Cake. I was laughing throughout the reading and indeed while she signed a copy of her new book, How Did You Get This Number, I told her that I was a huge fan and asked if she wanted to be friends. (I've got to stop approaching people this way. I am unaware that I am 28 years old, not 8).

Obviously she (politely) declined but luckily I've had enough experience with rejection and won't hold it against her. Buy her books. You'll laugh out loud.

me and wilson

I like to talk. I'm definitely a talker. I had a guy think I was really conceited because I talked throughout our entire date, never once asking him about himself. At parties I always manage to corner some poor soul, talking their ear off while they look around in panic, hoping to catch someone's eyes to be saved. I'm quite certain, if I were to be stranded on a deserted island ala Tom Hanks in Castaway, I could entertain myself for months, maybe even years, by talking to a coconut or a volleyball that's laying around.

Ever since I moved to Astoria last September I've been on a (failing) mission to find some local friends to explore the neighborhood with. I've been trolling the bars, cornering unsuspecting patrons, and asking them if they'd like to be friends. It hasn't really worked out too well. Either they just think I'm super weird or at some point they end up hitting on me. Neither are desired outcomes. But a few days ago someone didn't think I was weird (well, only slightly) or hit on me and agreed to play in the park with me. I rode my bike to the park and we hung out in the sun and kicked the soccer ball around. Such a perfect summer afternoon. Of course I talked his head off until we got hungry and went to get a bite to eat (at a restaurant I had never been to) where there were 2 for 1 drinks. Hmm. The other thing about me, aside being a talker, is that I can never say no. Another round? OK! We had quite a few rounds until it was 1 AM and I was too drunk to ride my bike home. (Always a funny night when you're too drunk to ride a bicycle). I walked my bike all the way from Ditmars to 30th Ave, swerving from side to side. I made it to my apartment and through the double doors. I carried my bike up the stairs, never an easy task, especially while intoxicated. I struggled with the bike, it felt much heavier for some reason, and I fell backwards, down the stairs, with the bike falling on top of me. I was pinned under my bike, at the bottom of the stairs, without the energy to push it off of me. Just take a moment to picture this. I couldn't stop laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation. Twenty minutes later, I managed to climb two flights of stairs, without injury, and safely tucked myself into bed.

Perhaps a guy and a girl can meet and form a platonic friendship after all. Or maybe he thinks I'm a total lush and I'll be back to talking to coconuts.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

oh, New York

New York City has a way of making you feel like a child. Well, a broke ass college student to be more exact. Most of us couldn't afford to live without roommates and our condiments are typically stolen from various delis and diners. We don't have mortgages, kids, lasting relationships, or washer dryers.

Sometimes I find it comical that after 28 years on this earth, what I do have are roaches, leaks, and a box of earplugs. The other night my roommates and I ordered pizza. When I went back into the kitchen an hour later to get a second slice, I saw a bunch of roaches run out of the box. Fantastic. Last night, every couple of seconds as I lay in bed reading, a few drops of water would sprinkle my face and book. My upstairs neighbor's air conditioner is leaking through my window. It's as if I'm at torture camp, having water trickled down my face until I slowly lose my mind. A few minutes later, on a Monday night, there were 3 guys singing and chanting fraternity cheers on the street below my window. It was so loud I thought there were 20 of them outside. I had to do it. I was one of those ornery ladies who yelled, "Shut the fuck up," out the window. "Oh go back and lick your cunt," they yelled back. Nice. Some more time passes, a few minutes after midnight, and I hear what sounds like a marching band. I looked out my window and did not see a parade or any signs of instruments, but I could hear horns, accordions, and trumpets as if it were St. Paddy's Day.

I put in my earplugs and thought to myself, "Oh, New York, it's funny how I still love you, no matter how much you piss me off." Perhaps, I realize, I've treated all of my relationships as if they were New York. I just put in my earplugs, roll over, and continue to love you, regardless of your flaws.

not a salad bowl or a melting pot

I have a confession. I love cooking, I just started getting into it a few years ago, but I'm terrible at winging it. My brother is an amazing chef and I always love watching him cook because he just throws a bunch of stuff together and it becomes an amazing, restaurant worthy meal. I tend to have random cravings of food that don't go together, like a pregnant lady, yet I still try to force the situation. So my confession is that I make terrible salads. Once in a while I'll crave a bunch of different healthy veggies and I don't understand how they can't come together in one big salad bowl. Last night I wanted portobello mushroom, peppers, avocado, tomato, and mixed greens. Doesn't that sound good? While all of the items were delicious seperately, they didn't want to come together and be a flavor orgasm in my mouth. That doesn't say much about my cooking skills, does it, if I can't even make a salad? I'm great at boiling eggs though. Maybe I'll throw that in next time.

Monday, June 14, 2010

goalie v goalie

We may not agree which team to root for but perhaps we can agree on who the hotties are. Too many saucy footie puns that I can insert here but I'll keep it clean. These 2 goalies are definitely keepers!

USA goalkeep: Tim Howard

England goalkeep: Robert Green



I've had such a random weekend. I know I use that word a lot to describe my nights but I guess I end up doing a lot of spur of the moment, random things. I was working on Wednesday and I was in a bit of a sour mood because I had contacted The Boy and hadn't heard back from him. Will I ever stop making dumb choices? I met 2 guys from San Francisco but was quite rude due to my mood and my hatred for all men (ha, dramatic aren't I?). Anyway, they turned out to be loads of fun and I shared my stories of the terrible time I had when I last visited SF. I ended up drinking with them for 8 hours and playing ping pong and shuffle board at a bar on Christopher and Broadway (can't remember the name).

Friday night, I went to Pianos with my roommate and had a blast dancing with her girlfriends.

I've never had a bad time at Pianos. I could do without the guys who lurk around behind you on the dance floor and wait for the moment that you're not paying attention to try to slip an arm around your waist. Ew. The SF guys were around the corner at Fat Baby so I stopped by there with my roommate. I'm in trouble whenever there's Grey Goose bottle service. I don't have limits! But I did have to work early the following day so I pried my claws off my glass and feet off the dance floor and headed home. (Not without an argument with TA first. Do I even have the energy to talk about him anymore?)

(You know it's a fun night when you wake up and your inner wrist looks like this).

Saturday morning, after a 4 hour nap, I worked a Soccer Without Borders event (what a great cause!) for the USA v England World Cup game. A room full of hot men drinking for charity. Is that my heaven or what?  I was divided for the game but I felt my loyalties were with England. Yes, I got a lot of abuse for this. What a sad outcome. A tie is a loss for me. I just wanted to give Robert Green a hug.

I got home at 8PM and wanted to squeeze in a nap but my roommates invited me out to the bohemian beer garden in Astoria. I have gotten a lot of flack for living in Astoria for 8 months and never having been there so I couldn't turn down the invite. It was a gorgeous night and would you believe I had TWO beers! We stopped by Aftons on our way home and of course, I'm such a talker, ended up getting into a 2 hour conversation with 2 random guys. I finally went home after I think one guy gave the other guy the "oh my god get me out of here" signal. haha. I was so exhausted I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I could barely get out of bed on Sunday. I watched some more World Cup (next time, Australia) and ate and napped.

World Cup, World Cup! It would be porn for women if they played without their shirts. Mmm. (Annie Lebowitz images via Vanity Fair).

My roommates got me out of bed with pizza and we watched a marathon of True Blood. (I still think the show is super weird but boxed sets are so addicting). What an awesome weekend.

Friday, June 11, 2010

mean cards

Mean Cards was another find at the Renegade Crafts Fair that I'm obsessed with. I've read through all the cards and can't stop laughing. This card in particular seems to be made specifically for me.

I am in love...

This guy is hilarious. He would hate me.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

stir fry night

I went to the supermarket tonight craving a salad with portabello mushroom and bell peppers but as I walked through the aisles I saw a can of straw mushroom and, just like that, I changed my dinner plans. I picked up some baby corn, bean sprouts, and tofu and decided to make a teriyaki stir fry. Mmm it was delicious. Random dinner inspirations are the best!

That which we manifest is before us

I finished reading The Art of Racing in The Rain by Garth Stein last week and I find myself referencing the book a lot in conversations. It's a story about love, devotion, determination, and a bond between a man and a dog told from the unique perspective of the dog, Enzo. The race car driving techniques described in the book are lessons that can be applied in life.

The dog's master, Denny, teaches him that the race car will go where your eyes go. This lesson actually reminded me of when my friend, Kate, was teaching me to snowboard. She told me my body would follow the direction of my gaze, essentially forcing the direction of the snowboard. She would say to me, "Look left! Ok now look right," when she was trying to get me to go in a certain direction. I think this is also true in life. If you set your sights on something, you are already moving in that direction, towards that goal.

There's another quote from the book that I love:

That which we manifest is before us; we are the creators of our own destiny. Be it through intention or ignorance, our successes and our failures have been brought on by none other than ourselves.

I think this is so so so so so true. I sometimes would feel helpless and held back by the cards that I've been dealt. Mostly I blame money issues for not being able to accomplish my goals. But when it comes down to it, these are just excuses. If I haven't achieved something, I have no one to blame but myself. Taking this responsibility allows me to take control of my life and make proactive moves.


While I was at the Renegade Crafts Fair last weekend I stopped to take a peak at a jewelry vendor's stand. That's when I found this adorable dinosaur charm necklace. Oh I wanted it so badly, and 4 more for my girlfriends, but unfortunately the price was just a little too steep for me at the moment.

They had awesome rings and also this airplane charm that I'm dying to buy.

I'll be saving up! Unless someone out there wants to mail me a gift ; ) Check out their other designs at Verameat.

seaport dinner

The temperature finally dropped (15 degrees) here in NYC, a perfect day for my best friend to be visiting. I met her down at South St. Seaport, and being a Monday, it wasn't too crowded with tourists or people taking advantage of the beautiful day. I also randomly ran into Wifey so we all got caught up over pina coladas at an outdoor bar. Then Kate and I had more wine (2 for 1!) over dinner. Kate justified another glass by saying, "It's free." It was such a lovely al fresco dinner, I wish we could meet up every week. Or maybe she'll just move to NYC. : )

cat balls, drunken falls

The weather was hot and humid last week in NYC. I tried to get some work done at home but my bedroom felt like a sweat box. Even poor little Gus was so hot he was laying around the house on his back, legs spread open, trying to cool his cat balls. I made a goal that I would find a boyfriend with an air-conditioned apartment for the summer. : )

Friday night, I just couldn't take it anymore, I needed to get out of the apartment. I went for an hour bike ride around Astoria Park and then jogged for another hour. I just couldn't stop. Maybe I was trying to run away from the thoughts that have been troubling me. Or maybe I was trotting the extra lap to get another look at the hot guy that was jogging in the other direction. I sat and watched the sunset over the water and Manhattan skyline and felt momentarily happy as I was surrounded by all of the characters that make NY home. There was a man on a unicycle who actually fell off when he looked up at me. (I'd like to think he was distracted by my beauty).

I got home and ordered sushi and watched 20/20 with my roommate. (Such a glamorous life!). Saturday night, I was excited to have Bionic Woman spending the night at my apartment. I just love slumber parties! We headed out to a local bar where my former roommate also came to meet and just spent the night drinking and laughing. You know it's a good night when the bar breaks out in an impromptu limbo game improvising the limbo stick with a mop. After the bar the 3 of us headed back to my apartment for a sleepover. Bionic Woman made me laugh so hard that I fell in the street and scraped my elbow.

When we got back to my place, Bionic Woman and Mr. Bello grabbed cupcakes (from my birthday! I warned them that it probably wasn't still good but they wouldn't listen) and beers and we headed up to my rooftop. There was a cool breeze blowing and the sun was coming up...I coulda stayed up there forever. Except I was cold and sleepy so I came back downstairs and rolled out my yoga mat (only my 2nd time using the mat and it wasn't for exercise) and went to sleep.

Sunday morning, we woke up, sweating (!), showered, and headed off to a yummy brunch with scrambled eggs, oatmeal martinis, and pickleback shots. I was stumbling out of the bar and headed to McCarren Park in Brooklyn for the Renegade Crafts Fair. There were so many beautiful jewelry, clothing, and artwork but everything was a little pricey and I couldn't decide what I wanted so I didn't buy anything. All I got was this cute photo of Bionic Woman. haha.

I was exhausted from a late night and walking around all day that I needed to get home to squeeze in a nap. I was supposed to meet TA for a so called date at 8PM. I ordered some chinese take out and napped while my roommate watched 21 Jumpstreet (random right?). When I woke up, I still hadn't heard from TA, so I assumed he was flaking, as usual. Though I'm not surprised, I am disappointed in him, but I was relieved to be able to stay in and rest. The temperature had cooled down after the rain and I grabbed a blanket and watched Avatar (finally) with my roommate. What a great ending to a really fun weekend.

PS- I loved Avatar by the way. The animation was amazing and Sam Worthington is totes the hottest. The scene where they were praying at the Holy Tree with their glowing painted bodies reminded me of being at the Full Moon parties in Thailand. haha.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

birthday shoes

I know I said I would stop talking about my birthday, especially now that it's June, but I have to blog about my birthday shoes from Aldo. I love them so much I want to wear them all day, everyday. And they're super comfy. I could run races in them.


I had been feeling low after The Boy ended things with me 2 weeks ago. Rejection is never easy. I wondered what is wrong with me. Why can't I make a relationship work? I beat myself up over the things that I did. I shouldn't have said this. I shouldn't have done that. What really kills me is the silence. One day this person just drops out of your life, not another word to be said.

I miss him.

But as the silence continues, I am growing angry. Mostly at myself. I'm a very laid back person. Very low maintenance. I don't ask for much in anyone. I wondered how the women who are much more demanding get all the guys. And then a lightbulb went off in my head. That's exactly what my problem is. I don't ask anything of anyone. I don't expect anything in return. I assumed that since I didn't want a relationship I couldn't ask for much.

I realize that, regardless, I should've expected to be treated well.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister!! I wish I could be there to celebrate with her.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Complicated

I was so looking forward to escaping from the city this weekend (sometimes you just need a break) that I pushed and pummeled everyone in my path, on my way to Penn Station. I am slightly ashamed of the obscenities that I yelled but I was a girl on a mission; catching the train on time and transporting myself to the shore.

I met my girlfriends for a low key BBQ Saturday night. I had been in need of girl time for so long and it was comforting to see their beautiful faces. But to be honest, when I got back to my friend's apartment at the end of the night, I felt more depressed than ever and just wanted to cry. We had spent a majority of the night talking about boyfriends, husbands, mortgages, and job promotions. I thought to myself, "This is not helping at all!" I was looking for an escape and only found myself being reminded of how far behind I am in life. I thought of the scene from Julie & Julia where Julie met her girlfriend's for lunch and everyone was just going on and on about how busy they were and Julie felt like she couldn't relate at all. I sat there listening to them over Cream Pie Martinis (mmm) feeling like the loser of the bunch.

We woke up early on Sunday morning and it was the most gorgeous day of the year I think. We spent the day at the beach with an extended group of friends. I even went in the water (!) which I never do until at least August. It was painfully cold freezing yet it felt so refreshing. Around 3, when we had enough sun (and my back was seared), we headed over to Ocean Place hotel to meet a friend who was celebrating his 50th birthday. The setting was so absolutely fantastic, palm trees, lounge chairs, reggae band, and tiki bar. We felt like we had escaped to a resort on an island. We sucked down some refreshing pina coladas and sat in the sun, listening to music. My mood was lifting already.

Early in the evening we got showered up and headed to Sallie T's for a seafood/sushi dinner. While the food was skeptical (read: the. fucking. worst) I still had a great time with my girls. We had gotten the talks of real life that I'm not included in out of the way the night before. Now we were ready to hang out, make fun of each other, and have a good time. We drank pitchers of sangria at the Tiki Bar until they kicked us out, literally by removing all of the chairs and boarding up the bar.

Monday morning, we picked up some wraps and spent the day on the beach again. I didn't get much sleep the night before so I was mostly in and out of sleep on my beach towel. We got pizzas for dinner and finished out the night drinking wine and watching It's Complicated (so cute! LOVE John Krasinski).

I took a train early this morning, rejuvenated and ready to get back to the big bad city. I realized, with my girlfriends, that we're all quite different and we've taken very different paths in our lives, and there will be times where we can't relate to one another, but even still, we're always there for each other. After spending a weekend with them, basking in their love and support, I always leave feeling like there's nothing I can't accomplish. My former boss used to tell me to "keep your eyes on your own paper," meaning don't worry about what other people are doing and just worry about yourself. I'm just the slow kid trying to graduate from the special needs class.

hello June

Oh my, is it June already? I would love for time to stop flying.