Tuesday, June 15, 2010

not a salad bowl or a melting pot

I have a confession. I love cooking, I just started getting into it a few years ago, but I'm terrible at winging it. My brother is an amazing chef and I always love watching him cook because he just throws a bunch of stuff together and it becomes an amazing, restaurant worthy meal. I tend to have random cravings of food that don't go together, like a pregnant lady, yet I still try to force the situation. So my confession is that I make terrible salads. Once in a while I'll crave a bunch of different healthy veggies and I don't understand how they can't come together in one big salad bowl. Last night I wanted portobello mushroom, peppers, avocado, tomato, and mixed greens. Doesn't that sound good? While all of the items were delicious seperately, they didn't want to come together and be a flavor orgasm in my mouth. That doesn't say much about my cooking skills, does it, if I can't even make a salad? I'm great at boiling eggs though. Maybe I'll throw that in next time.

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