Friday, June 18, 2010

i'm your biggest fan

I try to mix in some cultural activities in between the binge drinking. Wednesday evening I went to see one of my favorite authors, Sloane Crosley, at Barnes & Noble in Tribeca. It's been said that some of the best authors are the ones you want to hang out with after reading their book. Crosley was definitely as cool and funny in person as she seemed in her first book of essays, I Was Told There'd Be Cake. I was laughing throughout the reading and indeed while she signed a copy of her new book, How Did You Get This Number, I told her that I was a huge fan and asked if she wanted to be friends. (I've got to stop approaching people this way. I am unaware that I am 28 years old, not 8).

Obviously she (politely) declined but luckily I've had enough experience with rejection and won't hold it against her. Buy her books. You'll laugh out loud.

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carebears said...

You make me laugh out loud too. I will read her books bc right now I am in the middle of The Art of Racing in the Rain and I love it.