Thursday, December 31, 2009

Live it up!

eeeep! is it really the end of the year already? i have so many posts to catch up on. for now though, I just want to wish you a happy new year. this is what i will be wearing tonight. : )

(image via Spanish Moss)

(image via dirtylittlestylewhore)

Break some rules tonight. Kiss a stranger. Have a bubbly buzz. Wake up face down at a different gutter. Live.

Friday, December 25, 2009


I want in on this snuggle fest!

Mr. Popper's Penguins

Do you guys remember this book?

This was one of my favorite books when I was a kid. My fourth grade teacher used to read it to us and I used to dream about turning my house into a frozen paradise filled with circus penguins.

Dream up an adventure, my friends, and it may just come true. ; )

an orphan christmas...

I woke up this morning and thought, "Now what?" I have no gifts under the tree. What does one look forward to on Christmas morning? But then I looked over at my phone and thought, "I'm the luckiest girl in the world." I had dozens of sweet messages in my inbox from wonderful friends, near and far.

Bionic Woman and I had a lovely Christmas Eve. We were a little over ambitious. We ordered 5 sushi rolls and finished about 2.

I had five movies but we only got through 2, Love Actually and The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Both were excellent. Love Actually was all about telling someone how you really feel on Christmas. I wonder if I should do the same and tell my crush how I feel. I imagine the scene where the Prime Minister, played by Hugh Grant, knocks on every door in London looking for Natalie in order to tell her how he feels about her. I picture myself knocking on every door in Queens looking for The Crush. Bionic Woman tells me that might be a lot of doors. I think so too.

Today, I plan on calling all the people I love, eating leftover sushi, drinking peppermint tea, watching Christmas movies, and snuggling with Gus Gus:

Tonight, I plan on capitalizing on my orphan-ness and making my rounds in NYC, seeing who will take me in and love me. ; ) Hope your day is filled with peppermint, cinnamon, sugar cookies, cheap booze, and warm fleece hugs!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I can't believe Christmas has snuck up so quickly. When I was younger I used to be so excited about opening presents on Christmas morning that I would sleep under the tree on Christmas Eve just so that I could be right there once morning came. The only problem was that I still wet the bed at the time and I peed all over everyone's presents. That put an end to the sleeping under the tree tradition.

Aside from that I don't really have any holiday traditions but I think I'm finally coming to terms with that. For years my brother and I would meet at my mom's house in Jersey, but after an hour of being home we would be so depressed that we'd have to go to a local gay bar for martinis.

Tonight, I am having a slumber party with Bionic Woman. I have on my red long john pajamas, I bought a large bottle of cheap champagne, hot cocoa, and snacks, we're ordering sushi, and we're gonna watch movies all night long. I'm so excited. Here's to a non-traditional Christmas!

A Thai Christmas: (happy nina)

(pouty nina)

(my big brother, so excited)

(my mom and brother, love them so much it hurts)

Wishing you all a naughty, snuggly, and fantastic Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009


I've heard so much talk of MTV's Jersey Shore reality show and I refuse to watch it because it makes my blood boil. I'm always all for retards making fools of themselves on TV but then name the show that and not an area where these people are not local inhabitants but the cause of why Jersey gets a bad rap. I've talked to peple who've argued, "I'm sawwry but I've been tah the Jerzey shoa and that's exactly what it's like." I have to answer, "I'm sorry, where are you from again?"

Thank you Alyssa Milano for siding with the real Jersey shoreans!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bunwin Card Co.

uggg I'm taking a sick day today. I guess I over did it a little this weekend. I had to cancel on Little One for a holiday party tonight. I figured this is a good time to get these damn holiday cards done. I never like the box set of cards and I always have some left over so this year I decided to make my own cards. They were kinda fun to make but now I'm pooped. Aren't these little penguins cute though?

now I'm going to relax and watch Devil Wears Prada with my roommate and dream about going to Paris.

hope you guys had a lovely weekend!

toy nostalgia

my brother sent me this image last night and I seriously almost cried. The Chatter Telephone was one of my favorite toys when I was a kid. When my family moved to the States I was only able to bring 1 bag and 1 toy so I had to leave the Chatter Telephone. I haven't seen this in ages!

He told me Fisher-Price is doing a classic toy line this year which is on sale at Target. I'm so tempted to buy it and save it for (if) when I have kids.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

ready to be off the (meat) market

these shoes finally came in the mail and they are even better in person. i wore them around the apt all day, even when I was doing the dishes and blow drying my hair. i felt like a desperate housewife.

B nizzle and i went out and we forgot what a meatmarket NYC can be on a friday night. it was like a scene out of a comedy skit. Guys just kept coming up to us in twos, I'm sure saying, "yo i'll talk to that one and you get that one," before they walked up to us. Ugh!!! We weren't trying to be rude but, come on guys! Two girls can be out together and want to just dance with each other and not want to be grabbed and approached every 2 seconds. This isn't college and we're not trying to just get laid. We totally did an Irish exit and headed off to CV just a block away to meet M. I haven't seen him since our argument last month and I forgot how freakin good looking he is. I didn't forget though that he never did treat me the way I deserve to be treated. We didn't stay too long.

I seriously thought my toes were going to turn black from frost bite and that I was going to have to cut them off at the end of the night. I don't know why I chose to wear open toe shoes on one of the coldest days of the year. But I looked damn cute in them! All the more reason to drink more and keep warm!

After the bar we cabbed it to a diner near Brit's, stuffed our faces, and then headed back to her apt for a sleepover. At least I still have Brit. That is, until her new man takes my place on the right side of the bed. *sad face.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Friday!

helloooooooo friday!

omg I was such a sight this morning at 6AM. I had gotten home at 3AM, drunk and exhausted, and fell asleep in all my clothes. I woke up at 6 because my allergies were killing me. I couldn't breathe and my eyes were super itchy so I kept rubbing them. I rubbed my eyes so hard that I ended up rubbing off my Shu Uemura crystal eyelashes that I was wearing. Well, only one side came off so I must have looked like a tranny who got in a fight. For once, I was happy that I sleep alone.

Last night I was at a party with 200 or so of the old crew that used to hang out at the infamous Studio 54. It was surreal to be in the same room with these people, all who seemed to still be high from the 70's. They definitely knew how to get down to the 70's and 80's music the DJ was spinning. Their eccentric outfits were my favorite part. I had never seen so much leather, feathers. sequins, jewelry, and animal print. It was fantastic. I was so inspired that I came home and ordered these Guess leatherette pants. I must have done a lot of drunk online shopping this week because I woke up to a bunch of packages of fabulous clothes this morning. happy early christmas to me!

Also, I met a boy last night. Oh he was so cute and just my type. Skinny, wearing black rimmed glasses and a flannel. He said, "I wanna take you to dinner and ride bikes together." Oh I hope he calls.

I'm gonna rest today and try to be rid of this champagne and whiskey hangover. Tonight, I'm so excited to go out with Miss Brit. I haven't seen her in so long and I'm ready to paint this town a saucy scarlet with her. Meeeeeeeeoow!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

style crush

I heart Taylor Momsen's style on and off the GG set.

(image via dirtylittlesylewhore)

how sweet is that?

(Image via Melissa)

I went out to dinner with my two girlfriends, Elfin and Little One, on Tuesday. I was so tired and had a long day at work but it's so lovely how you feel the life back in you when you see your friends. We went to this adorable, cozy restaurant called Alta. It's tucked away in the West Village and if you don't look closely you could just miss it. We had this quiet table in the back where we were able to catch up and be as inappropriate in conversation as we liked. I looked around at the place and it was mostly couples having nice, quiet dinners and I thought, I'd love to have a date here. I'd love to have a date at all. A guy Elfin's seeing stopped by to say hello and ten minutes after he left the waitress came by with a second bottle of wine and said he had bought this for us. He texted Elfin to say he just wanted her to have a good time with her girlfriends. How sweet is that? He definitely got a thumbs up in my book.

PS: I want that.

Monday, December 14, 2009

new year's eve outfit?

I just bought these shorts from Forever 21.

Can you tell I'm totally not being productive today? I was inspired by Betty's outfit. I'm thinking about wearing it with a white tanktop, gray vest, black tights with hearts, and these shoes.

I have no idea what I'm doing yet. I was originally gonna spend it on the islands in Thailand but I just couldn't plan that in time. Then I was debating between Vermont or Miami but my brother might be visiting so I might have to stay put. I'd love to host something at my apartment...I'm liking that idea more and more.

What are your plans? Anyone doing anything good?

someone who...

Hello Monday! Oh my goodness I had such a massive hangover yesterday, I stayed in bed til 8PM! I finally got out of bed because I felt like I was getting bed sores. I did get to read more of Pillars of the Earth which is so addicting. I get so into it that I think I'm living in the 12th century and I say things like "my lady" and "good day sir."

While I was laying in bed I was also texting Bionic Woman (we're a little attached to our bbm), plotting how I could get this boy to notice me and laughing about our weekend. We were chatting with two boys at a party when one of them asked me what I do. I said I was writing a book and he said, "Have you heard of 'The Red Fern?" I answered, "No," and he said, "Oh, well it's a great book. You should write that." UM...

Bionic started laughing and said, "It's like saying, 'Oh you're an inventor? Have you heard of the wheel? You should invent that.'" Seriously. These are the retards that I meet.

I got to thinking about how I know exactly what I want and don't want yet can't seem to find it. Here's a short but specific list of what I'm looking for. Someone who...

It's not asking too much right? Can Santa wrap this person up for me and deliver him by Christmas? Thanks.

urban pantsless santa

I was so upset that I missed Santacon this weekend. I overslept, had a massive champagne hangover, and couldn't pull together an outfit in time. Bad Santa!

Dressing up in costume is my favorite thing ever and I hate doing it half assed. But what you probably don't know about me is that I usually sit around my house in costume. See what under-employment does to you? I guess sitting at desk all day, staring at blank word documents can get a little boring so I get my shits n giggles when I'm wearing something funny, even if I'm the only one who sees it. Today, I decided to make up for missing Santacon this weekend by dressing up as an urban pantsless santa at home. Oh, Photo Booth, how I love you.

I texted Bionic Woman to tell her, "You're not gonna believe what I'm doing right now."

I know what she's gonna say back. "omg, get back to writing that book, woman!" Ok, ok!

I'm still not wearing any pants though.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

dating in the Facebook era

I've always been opposed to being facebook friends with someone you're dating or trying to date. I feel like guys these days meet you, ask for your number, find out your last name, and then they friend request you on facebook. I think it is just way too much info up front and, just like reading someone's blog without knowing the person, I think you can get a very inaccurate impression of someone. My facebook profile apparently makes me seem like a "party girl." Yes, I do enjoy life, and yes, I drink quite a lot (hey, I'm a writer!) and there's a whole lot more to me. I mean, I'm not posting albums of the hours I spend editing at the computer. Or my nights when I'm snuggled up on the couch, sipping hot cocoa and watching a good movie. Or my time I spend volunteering at the children's orphanage. Ok, I don't volunteer. But I think about it alot. And I'm not posting the pictures of me thinking. See what I'm saying here?

This weekend I met a super hot guy who was a friend of a friend. I'll confess, I wanted to know more about him, and I am guilty of facebook snooping. For almost an hour. I found him on our mutual friend's friend list. I texted Bionic Woman to tell her this.

N: Gah! I found him on facebook!
BW: Oooh yeah? Anything good?
N: Oh man he looks so hot in his pictures!
N: You think I should friend him? Ha.
BW: absofreakinlutely NOT!
BW: Do NOT friend him!
N: Are you secretly saying that I should?
BW: In what way does that sound like I'm telling you to friend him???
N: So...
BW: So help me god...if you friend him...
N: OK, ok.
N: Wow, he's super hot.
N: Oh wow. His ex girlfriend is really pretty.
BW: How do you know it's his ex?
N: Cause I know that he's single and in the pic it says she's his girlfriend. Sherlock Holmes over here.
BW: haha.
N: Oh wow. He's been to Italy.
N: Wow he's actually traveled through Europe.
N: He takes really good pictures.
N: Oh, he's a smoker.
N: He's kinda hairy.
N: We're the same age.
N: Damn, he's hot.
N: He's got really great style. And really hot friends.
N: omg he's perfect.
N: Oooh hot tattoo in his inner bicep.
N: He makes really funny photo comments.
N: Damn, his ex is really pretty.
BW: Wow, you found all this out in the time it took me to make a sandwich.
BW: I still think his hair is fake. I didn't see scalp.
N: It's not fake. I see pics of his hair blowing in the wind in Italy.
N: Wow, he flies planes.
N: And he went to Georgetown.
N: He's so out of my league.

So what do I do now? Bionic Woman would personally come over and delete my facebook account and then hit me over the head with my laptop if I friend him.

my weekend

Eeeep! Where has the time gone? I went almost a week without blogging. Last week flew by with work, dinners with old friends, and of course holiday parties. Last night I met up with Bionic Woman to celebrate her belated birthday. We shared a yummy dinner of the cheesiest mac n cheese and got caught up. A Ray Lamontagne song came on at the bar and she suddenly squeeled, "Ooooh! This is going to be my wedding song!" I listened to the song in its entirety while she sang along and I agreed that it was a lovely song. The subject of weddings continued and we talked about the boys we like of late and how we wished they would just ask us to marry them already, or at least ask us to be their girlfriends. Either one would be fine. And then BW told me she's still not sure who her maid of honor would be and listened to her debate between her friends. At that moment I realized we were doing it again. We were two single girls sitting at a bar on a Saturday night in deep conversation about our imaginary weddings. Do you see what's wrong with this picture here? If anyone overheard us they surely would point out that perhaps our conversation topic was the reason that weddings are still planned in our imagination. We had a good laugh and quickly changed the subject to something less pathetic.

BW looked around the bar and said, "Wow, beards must be in huh?" I laughed out loud at this because I too had mentally noted the amount of men in the bar who sported beards. Almost all. I love beards. In fact, I just bought this shirt over the weekend.

We continued on to a friend's holiday party in Murray Hill. I really should attend more house parties. The guys went all out with tents and outdoor heating lamps. Of course there comes that time when a house party runs out of hard liquor and, well, I apparently don't know how to make conversation without its assistance so Bionic and I headed to the nearest bar. There, we danced until our feet begged us to stop.

This was when I should have gone home.

If you know me at all, you know that I didn't.

Bionic and I parted ways and I went to another bar to meet TA. I hadn't seen him in weeks, maybe even months. All my efforts to forget about him when out the window when I saw him again, looking as hot as ever and brooding even more than usual. Sigh. Why does he have this hold over me? We said goodnight after last call and I took the subway home by myself wondering how long this could go on for.

wishlist: Urban Outfitters Edition

Silence & Noise blazer $49: to wear over that cute sequined miniskirt

TMI photo album $16: so that the TMI moments can live on

Hello Kitty USB flash drive $24.95: just because I love all things Hello Kitty

Mary Green Dreaming of Paris sleep mask $24: I've been dreaming of Paris lately...hopefully in 2010...(that's on another wishlist ; ))

Grey Antics Mrs. Klaus sweater $78: so adorable for a holiday party