Friday, December 25, 2009

an orphan christmas...

I woke up this morning and thought, "Now what?" I have no gifts under the tree. What does one look forward to on Christmas morning? But then I looked over at my phone and thought, "I'm the luckiest girl in the world." I had dozens of sweet messages in my inbox from wonderful friends, near and far.

Bionic Woman and I had a lovely Christmas Eve. We were a little over ambitious. We ordered 5 sushi rolls and finished about 2.

I had five movies but we only got through 2, Love Actually and The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Both were excellent. Love Actually was all about telling someone how you really feel on Christmas. I wonder if I should do the same and tell my crush how I feel. I imagine the scene where the Prime Minister, played by Hugh Grant, knocks on every door in London looking for Natalie in order to tell her how he feels about her. I picture myself knocking on every door in Queens looking for The Crush. Bionic Woman tells me that might be a lot of doors. I think so too.

Today, I plan on calling all the people I love, eating leftover sushi, drinking peppermint tea, watching Christmas movies, and snuggling with Gus Gus:

Tonight, I plan on capitalizing on my orphan-ness and making my rounds in NYC, seeing who will take me in and love me. ; ) Hope your day is filled with peppermint, cinnamon, sugar cookies, cheap booze, and warm fleece hugs!


Steph said...

Merry Christmas, babe :D

Did you find someone to take you in or did you opt for door knocking?

Nina said...

Merry Christmas to you too!

Yes, I was taken in, well fed and loved for xmas : )

Bionic Woman said...

Thanks for the lovely sleepover!!!