Friday, December 4, 2009

catching up

I didn't have a computer for the past week so I wrote in my sketch book instead. Nothing too exciting happened since I was mostly bedridden but I scanned some pages here anyway:

I know I sounded kinda miserable the whole time but I really wasn't. I'm just such a grumpy baby when I'm sick but aside from that and my computer crashing I was a happy camper. My brother took me out for crabs my second day there. I couldn't believe I was really wearing a paper bib in public but I figured I didn't know anyone down there anyway. It was super messy but delicious.

Later that night (I really can't believe we were able to eat again) my brother made sushi. He is seriously the best chef ever.

I love masago (fish roe) so much I was just eating it with a spoon.

So that was last weekend in sketches and photos. I really do have the best brother in the world. I wish I could keep him in my cupboard so that he can cook for me all the time.


Steph said...

A brother that cooks!? - Not fair.

Your handwriting is soooo neat.

Nina said...

yeah, he rocks.

and thanks! i might post more journal pages..