Monday, December 14, 2009

new year's eve outfit?

I just bought these shorts from Forever 21.

Can you tell I'm totally not being productive today? I was inspired by Betty's outfit. I'm thinking about wearing it with a white tanktop, gray vest, black tights with hearts, and these shoes.

I have no idea what I'm doing yet. I was originally gonna spend it on the islands in Thailand but I just couldn't plan that in time. Then I was debating between Vermont or Miami but my brother might be visiting so I might have to stay put. I'd love to host something at my apartment...I'm liking that idea more and more.

What are your plans? Anyone doing anything good?


Steph said...

Hmmm, does this mean it's ok if I were a tube dress with red open toed heels? After all, TX is way warmer... I'm stumped

Steph said...

And, I love those shorts but my boney ass would never fill them :(

Nina said...

yes of course you can wear that! you could always wear tights if it's cold. how cold does it get there anyway? i didn't think it did.

Steph said...

Whoa, I'm a little late on the response, but it was around 70 today. Our weather is wacky. It snowed around Christmas time, icy around NYE, cold last week and then the whole 70 degree thing started this weekend.