Sunday, December 13, 2009

dating in the Facebook era

I've always been opposed to being facebook friends with someone you're dating or trying to date. I feel like guys these days meet you, ask for your number, find out your last name, and then they friend request you on facebook. I think it is just way too much info up front and, just like reading someone's blog without knowing the person, I think you can get a very inaccurate impression of someone. My facebook profile apparently makes me seem like a "party girl." Yes, I do enjoy life, and yes, I drink quite a lot (hey, I'm a writer!) and there's a whole lot more to me. I mean, I'm not posting albums of the hours I spend editing at the computer. Or my nights when I'm snuggled up on the couch, sipping hot cocoa and watching a good movie. Or my time I spend volunteering at the children's orphanage. Ok, I don't volunteer. But I think about it alot. And I'm not posting the pictures of me thinking. See what I'm saying here?

This weekend I met a super hot guy who was a friend of a friend. I'll confess, I wanted to know more about him, and I am guilty of facebook snooping. For almost an hour. I found him on our mutual friend's friend list. I texted Bionic Woman to tell her this.

N: Gah! I found him on facebook!
BW: Oooh yeah? Anything good?
N: Oh man he looks so hot in his pictures!
N: You think I should friend him? Ha.
BW: absofreakinlutely NOT!
BW: Do NOT friend him!
N: Are you secretly saying that I should?
BW: In what way does that sound like I'm telling you to friend him???
N: So...
BW: So help me god...if you friend him...
N: OK, ok.
N: Wow, he's super hot.
N: Oh wow. His ex girlfriend is really pretty.
BW: How do you know it's his ex?
N: Cause I know that he's single and in the pic it says she's his girlfriend. Sherlock Holmes over here.
BW: haha.
N: Oh wow. He's been to Italy.
N: Wow he's actually traveled through Europe.
N: He takes really good pictures.
N: Oh, he's a smoker.
N: He's kinda hairy.
N: We're the same age.
N: Damn, he's hot.
N: He's got really great style. And really hot friends.
N: omg he's perfect.
N: Oooh hot tattoo in his inner bicep.
N: He makes really funny photo comments.
N: Damn, his ex is really pretty.
BW: Wow, you found all this out in the time it took me to make a sandwich.
BW: I still think his hair is fake. I didn't see scalp.
N: It's not fake. I see pics of his hair blowing in the wind in Italy.
N: Wow, he flies planes.
N: And he went to Georgetown.
N: He's so out of my league.

So what do I do now? Bionic Woman would personally come over and delete my facebook account and then hit me over the head with my laptop if I friend him.


mina said...

Wow. I am so glad facebook didn't exist when I was in high school and university.

'omg he's perfect' - hilarious.

Al said...

gosh- facebook is a killer. You just find out WAY too much about people. you now know his whole life story and didnt even have to date him to find it out!

Steph said...

This is so true! I keep using Facebook to snoop around the boys, but at the same time I don't want them in my business :p

Bionic Woman said...

Freaking facebook - good when you need it, bad when you don't.

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