Thursday, December 17, 2009

how sweet is that?

(Image via Melissa)

I went out to dinner with my two girlfriends, Elfin and Little One, on Tuesday. I was so tired and had a long day at work but it's so lovely how you feel the life back in you when you see your friends. We went to this adorable, cozy restaurant called Alta. It's tucked away in the West Village and if you don't look closely you could just miss it. We had this quiet table in the back where we were able to catch up and be as inappropriate in conversation as we liked. I looked around at the place and it was mostly couples having nice, quiet dinners and I thought, I'd love to have a date here. I'd love to have a date at all. A guy Elfin's seeing stopped by to say hello and ten minutes after he left the waitress came by with a second bottle of wine and said he had bought this for us. He texted Elfin to say he just wanted her to have a good time with her girlfriends. How sweet is that? He definitely got a thumbs up in my book.

PS: I want that.

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