Sunday, December 13, 2009

my weekend

Eeeep! Where has the time gone? I went almost a week without blogging. Last week flew by with work, dinners with old friends, and of course holiday parties. Last night I met up with Bionic Woman to celebrate her belated birthday. We shared a yummy dinner of the cheesiest mac n cheese and got caught up. A Ray Lamontagne song came on at the bar and she suddenly squeeled, "Ooooh! This is going to be my wedding song!" I listened to the song in its entirety while she sang along and I agreed that it was a lovely song. The subject of weddings continued and we talked about the boys we like of late and how we wished they would just ask us to marry them already, or at least ask us to be their girlfriends. Either one would be fine. And then BW told me she's still not sure who her maid of honor would be and listened to her debate between her friends. At that moment I realized we were doing it again. We were two single girls sitting at a bar on a Saturday night in deep conversation about our imaginary weddings. Do you see what's wrong with this picture here? If anyone overheard us they surely would point out that perhaps our conversation topic was the reason that weddings are still planned in our imagination. We had a good laugh and quickly changed the subject to something less pathetic.

BW looked around the bar and said, "Wow, beards must be in huh?" I laughed out loud at this because I too had mentally noted the amount of men in the bar who sported beards. Almost all. I love beards. In fact, I just bought this shirt over the weekend.

We continued on to a friend's holiday party in Murray Hill. I really should attend more house parties. The guys went all out with tents and outdoor heating lamps. Of course there comes that time when a house party runs out of hard liquor and, well, I apparently don't know how to make conversation without its assistance so Bionic and I headed to the nearest bar. There, we danced until our feet begged us to stop.

This was when I should have gone home.

If you know me at all, you know that I didn't.

Bionic and I parted ways and I went to another bar to meet TA. I hadn't seen him in weeks, maybe even months. All my efforts to forget about him when out the window when I saw him again, looking as hot as ever and brooding even more than usual. Sigh. Why does he have this hold over me? We said goodnight after last call and I took the subway home by myself wondering how long this could go on for.

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Bionic Woman said...

you are the best thingggggg babay!