Sunday, November 8, 2009

Step away from the bridal mag...

I've had weddings on my mind lately. I think it's because my best friend's wedding is next weekend and I've been running around trying to get my bridesmaids errands run before I wake up and it's the last minute. Roots dyed. Check. Hair cut. Check. Dress altered. Check.

I was browsing NY Mag online when I saw a title for one of a kind NYC wedding venues. I was curious and it doesn't hurt to peek right? An hour later, link after link after link, I was well on my way to completing my wedding planning. (For those who don't know me, I'm not engaged. I don't even have a boyfriend). Last week I had posted about some gorgeous wedding dresses I found. Now I was looking for reception venues and first dance songs. I texted Bionic woman to update her on my wedding plans, she is one of my bridesmaids after all.

"Step away from the bridal mag," she texted back.

Don't worry. I didn't get one thing done on my to do list today but I've got my imaginary wedding all planned out. I've always wanted to get married back home in Thailand... but if that falls through this castle in Scotland would be just fine.

I've already had my wedding song picked from a while back, The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice. I don't know why I always thought he was black but when I googled him today I realized, he's not, he's quite hot, and he resembles TA a bit.

I love foreign men. Especially those with beards. Perhaps Mr. Rice can complete my wedding plans and fill in as Mr. Future Husband. Yummmm.

Ok, back to accomplishing things in my non imaginary life.


The Novelista Barista said...

LOL i totally hear you.......
uhmmm have u seen PS I love you??

yeah.. hes hot. his accent is hot.. i want a hot accenty guy!!!!!!!!!!!!

good luck at the bf's wedding next week!!!! Should be loads of fun!!

mina said...

I went to a wedding in a castle in France once. It was amazing. Good luck with marrying the musician and getting married in Scotland....& thanks so much for the well wishes.

Bionic Woman said...

A Castle now? whoa boy - Go Big or Go Home, that's what I say.