Thursday, November 19, 2009

that stage...

I kinda have the post wedding blues. Is that weird? I had a blast at my best friend's wedding last weekend but afterwards, when it all sunk in, it kinda messed up my head a little bit. Actually, it hit me at the reception. I looked around my dinner table at all my friends that I grew up with and I realized I'm one of the few that is still single. Not married. Not even close to having a boyfriend. The token single girl at every big event. I've always been ok with being the single girl. It's a great time actually. But I think I've reached that age, or that stage where all your friends are getting married, leaving you behind because you don't have a Plus 1.

I texted Bionic Woman to tell her I've got a plan. I wanna be married by 32. That gives me 3 years to find a man, 1 year for him to propose, and 1 year to plan the wedding. She texted me back, "Who are you right now? You have a five year plan?"

OK, OK. So we can toss the timeline. But still. Am I ready to hang up my single stilettos?

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Steph said...

I feel the same way, but without a five year plan. At 28, almost 29, I'm so single and sick of having a lame ass version of what the majority of my friend's have. Oh well :o)