Sunday, November 1, 2009

Something pretty...

My best friend, C, is getting married in 2 weeks which means there's a lot of wedding talk going on around here. Eventually, the rest of the bridal party who doesn't have a ring on their finger ends up sitting around talking about what we would want for our weddings. I've had most of my details picked out but the one thing I could never picture was the dress. I change my style quite often but I always knew I wanted 2 dresses, one for the wedding and a shorter one for the reception. I am loving these one shoulder styles:

Angel Sanchez, $5,280

Aria, $455

Jill Stuart, $475

This last one by Oscar de la Renta is a little too conservative for me but I still think it's really glamorous and sophisticated.

Now I just need to find a boyfriend first.

I have someone in mind. ; )

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