Friday, November 13, 2009

Have a fantastic weekend!

I've been so busy this week I seriously thought my head was going to pop off from the stress. I'm so looking forward to this weekend. I'll be heading back to my Alma Mater, Rutgers University, to attend my best friend's wedding. The couple met at Rutgers, had their first date there and seven years later the proposal was also on campus, so it's only fitting that the wedding is held there as well. The bride to be asked me to draw a map, to be included in the welcome bag for all of the guest, highlighting all of their favorite places on campus, many that have special memories. I was honored to help and had so much fun making this:

I decided not to bring a date to the wedding because I just wanted this weekend to be about spending time and celebrating with my girlfriends.
...and because I hear there are great chances of meeting future husbands at weddings. :) teee heee

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Mary said...
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Bionic Woman said...

This is SO CUTE! Good work neen! xoxo

alk2k said...

i bring you as a date and dont even bring me?? terrible.

Steph said...

Wow! Great map :D I wanna get married so I can have one, too. lol