Friday, November 20, 2009

in my closet...

OK, I'm having a little too much fun with the In My Closet posts.

I wore this outfit for a rehearsal dinner last weekend. I got the sheer purple top from Platinum in Bangkok and the sequined skirt from a boutique in Bangkok. I didn't want to go to bed after dinner even though I had a very early hair and makeup appt the next morning. My BFF texted me and said, "For the sake of the wedding, go back to your hotel room." Naturally, I didn't listen and I woke up with my bra smelling like chlorine. What's life if it's not lived, right?

I wore this for my friend's birthday at Lucky Strike. I paid way to much for the zebra print leggings at American Apparel but Aldo has them for $22.

I wore this to Kiss and Fly with Miss Brit. Apparently P. Diddy was there poppin bottles the same night but we were so drunk we didn't even notice. Nice. This tutu skirt from Forever 21 may be my favorite purchase of 2009. It makes me so incredibly happy when I put it on.

I'm thinking about wearing this tonight. I'm meeting Bionic Woman and some one her best friends out for some drinks and mischief. I was in the mood to wear these lace tights today and planned the outfit around them. I just bought this studded belt from H&M yesterday and the knee high boots were $30 from a ghetto store on Steinway.

OK, I'm not allowed to go out and play tonight until I meet my deadline. So back to work or else this outfit will go right back into the closet.


Bionic Woman said...

Not only are you a fashionista, you are a recessionista with your thrifty purchases. xoxo

Steph said...

You look HOT!