Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Men's style

I can't concentrate today. I've got boys on my mind so I figure I'd write a rare post on men's style. I don't really have a type but lately my head turns every time I see guys wearing the following:

Skinny Ties & Bow Ties:

Nerd Glasses:
a la Talented Mr. Ripley

Skinny Jeans:



and, of course, Facial Hair:



Michele said...

Wow, yummy guys especially Scott Speedman at the end!

Steph said...

Why am I single? Why haven't a snatch a hottie? You're pics depressed me :D

I'm watching the news & there was a story on about skinny jeans, right when I read the preview of your post and thought, "oh coincidence", but this was about a jr. high boy that got suspended for wearing skinny pants...not quite the same. His mother said, "he was real excited in the morning to wear his skinny pants" LOL poor kid!

مى said...

I go craaaazzzyyy for facial hair and nerdy glasses! Awesome post.

Alan said...

move to brooklyn you typical girl living in new york.

its a requirement to have tattoos, skinny jeans, and a beard in brooklyn. oh you forgot topsiders, and a members only jacket.

it's sickening how everyone looks the same.