Monday, November 16, 2009

my best friend's wedding

We've been talking about this day together since we were 12. We had the details picked out, the dream man described, but at that time he was faceless and not nearly as perfect as the one who walked into the picture 7 years later. I've been dreaming about this day for over a decade, counting down the days the past few months, and this weekend the day finally came, my best friend's wedding.

Was it everything we imagined? No, not even close. It was a million times better. I love the bride so much, and the groom for being her perfect other half, that I was overwhelmed with emotion. I cried when I saw her in her dress. I cried through their beautiful vows. I cried when she danced with her dad. I cried when he danced with his mom. I cried when his father gave a heartfelt blessing. I looked around the room that was filled with so much love between family, friends, and couples and I thought my heart was going to burst from all of the love.

I watched them dance, smiling and kissing, and watched how they looked at each other. I thought, that's what I want. That is what love is. Have I been aiming too high? Maybe. But after watching them, and all the wonderful couples in the room, how could I settle for less?

I couldn't catch the bride that much through the night but take my word for it, she was stunning.

The cutest flower girl


always a bridesmaid

my other half, K. While the maid of honor was making her (hilarious) speech, K turned to me and said, "I'm writing a speech for you, even if I'm not your maid of honor." I was actually thinking the same thing about her during the speech. I have some of it written already!

we were highly entertained by the fact that everything metal kept getting attached to our bracelet that had a magnetic clasp.

my college roommate. love her!

One of my favorite accents of the night, the Rutgers ice luge

One of my favorite photos, the single ladies during a slow song : /

my friend, H, lived in the area so he stopped by after the reception to party with us

the infamous Fat Sandwich. Read: Cheesesteak, mozzarella sticks, fries, chicken fingers, and marina sauce, all in one sandwich. Mmmmmmm! i gained 25 lbs in college because i ate 3 a day for a year.

It was the most fantastic weekend. ever. As for the FH, I didn't meet him this time. There's always the next wedding, right?


The Novelista Barista said...

Awe!!! thats so awesomeeeee :) :) :)

Jill said...

Those bridesmaid dresses are a really pretty color!

Nina said...

thanks : )

care bears said...

I just read this for the first time and it made me sob. I love you and I am so thankful that you were part of the best day of my life. Love you and miss you. Although I just spent the last two hours reading your blog and new webpage (which I love) and now its sooooooo past my bedtime. :)