Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be flying to North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with my brother. I haven't seen him in almost a year and I'm so looking forward to his yummy cooking, lounging around in sweats, and some good sibling bonding.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!


I am loving these fingerless leather gloves lately. They kinda remind me of the leather batting gloves I wore when I played softball in high school.


Black and white gloves from Topshop. Leopart print gloves from ASOS.

Today's horoscope from NY Post:

You may be tempted to take things easy today, especially if you have been pushing yourself hard these past few weeks. You are advised, however, to keep the momentum going a bit longer. You are close to a life-changing breakthrough.

Could this be referencing my book? I'm gonna say it is. : )

let's address the roach in the room...

I was taking a break from work on Monday to watch Friday Night Lights (again) with my roommates. My mind was jumping between thoughts of what it would be like to date Taylor Kitsch, how much I love my roommates, and how awesome and cozy my apartment is. Just then I felt something on my neck, went to scratch it, and felt that it was a cockroach crawling on me. Yeah. I screamed. A lot.

When Joe's Apartment, an MTV short about guy who lives in a roach infested apartment in New York, was created over a decade ago my first thought was, "Gross." My second was, "No one lives like that." On Monday, I sadly came to the realization that I am living in the real life Queens edition of Joe's Apartment. I hate to share this with you because one, it's obviously gross, and two, it's rather embarrassing. Did I imagine I would be 27, single, living off of ramen, vodka, and coffee, and cohabiting with roaches? Not as glamorous as I had imagined.

Remember the scene when Joe brings a date back to the apartment and the roaches are hanging on the ceiling light trying to get a better look when they all come falling down on the date's lap? A less traumatizing scene flashes before my eyes when I think about inviting someone over for dinner. My date would compliment me on what a great cook I am and how stunning (my fave) I am. He would look up at me and pause, realizing how crazy he is about me. We're silent, looking into each other's eyes, and he's about to say something. Just then something catches our eye. A mid-sized cockroach strolling past the table on the kitchen wall. Not so dramatic, perhaps not even a deal-breaker, but def a mood killer.

Consider me Nina Plus 1(,000). Roaches, that is.

Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm totally lusting for a leopard (faux!) fur jacket this winter.

(Image via Le Fashion)

climbing right back up on my stilettos...

My weekend was kinda interesting. It started off with a funny facebook message from Miss Brit commenting on my mopey single girl post:

babydoll...only hang up your single stilettos if, you are truly ready to commit to the marital flat m'love. I'll have no friend of mine removing their Louboutin's or Charlotte Russe's on a 5 year plan. Where is my city girl and what have you done with her. Save the mopy for another blog. There are 1.3437909277 million DECENT men in NY to give a shot...that's a somewhat hopeful start. Until 32, I'll be your +1.

Is the ratio of men to women really 1:9 in NYC? I've got to look that up. Anyway, I can always count on Miss Brit to make me laugh and pep talk me into strutting my tush back into the meat market. I went to meet Bionic Woman and her friends at a bar in Queens and my swagger quickly turned into a... swatter? I spent most of the night recoiled in the corner of the dance floor swatting gross hands that reached out for a dance. I don't know what cave these men were raised in but in my world you can't approach women with a grab and a pull. Nor can you shimmy your pelvis behind someone who isn't even dancing. I was so skeeved out and the five football player like guys that were with my friends couldn't protect me. I decided to Irish Exit, running out the door.

What is wrong with these guys? Is this all that's left? I tried not to let it get to me. I'll just cross this bar off the list. Never again. I missed S. I wanted to call him but it was too late and I knew I would only embarrass myself at that hour. Right then TA texted me and I thought, oh thank god, finally a decent guy! And then I realized how warped that thought was. If TA is considered a decent guy I knew it was time call it a night.

I was incredibly hungover on Saturday and wanted to do nothing but eat vats of Velveeta Mac n Cheese and watch back to back Friday Night Lights. My phone was vibrating off its charger and all I could think was, "I can't. I just can't." After staying in bed till 9PM, coffee, a hot shower, and pep talks from Bionic Woman and Elfin I decided to be a grandma when I'm dead. Or, you know what I mean. I met the girls at Gansevoort Hotel for some martinis, stopped for a pizza, and then headed to a no name bar in the Lower East. When I got to the bar, I sat on the couch and it flipped over. I can only conclude that this was from my weight. Bionic Woman jumped up with the speed of (something really fast) and sat on the other end to even out the weight. Now that's a true friend. At the end of the night I left with Elfin, bought a pint of chocolate chip ice cream and watched Up in bed.

I often wonder, why can't I just marry my best friends?

Friday, November 20, 2009

in my closet...

OK, I'm having a little too much fun with the In My Closet posts.

I wore this outfit for a rehearsal dinner last weekend. I got the sheer purple top from Platinum in Bangkok and the sequined skirt from a boutique in Bangkok. I didn't want to go to bed after dinner even though I had a very early hair and makeup appt the next morning. My BFF texted me and said, "For the sake of the wedding, go back to your hotel room." Naturally, I didn't listen and I woke up with my bra smelling like chlorine. What's life if it's not lived, right?

I wore this for my friend's birthday at Lucky Strike. I paid way to much for the zebra print leggings at American Apparel but Aldo has them for $22.

I wore this to Kiss and Fly with Miss Brit. Apparently P. Diddy was there poppin bottles the same night but we were so drunk we didn't even notice. Nice. This tutu skirt from Forever 21 may be my favorite purchase of 2009. It makes me so incredibly happy when I put it on.

I'm thinking about wearing this tonight. I'm meeting Bionic Woman and some one her best friends out for some drinks and mischief. I was in the mood to wear these lace tights today and planned the outfit around them. I just bought this studded belt from H&M yesterday and the knee high boots were $30 from a ghetto store on Steinway.

OK, I'm not allowed to go out and play tonight until I meet my deadline. So back to work or else this outfit will go right back into the closet.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

mmm, Taylor Kitsch

Last month my roommate got me hooked on How I Met Your Mother. Last night, he got me hooked on yet another show. I was eating dinner in the living room while he had Friday Night Lights on. I ended up staying awake until 2AM finishing the first season with him. The show is pretty awesome, especially with the discovery of my new celeb crush, Taylor Kitsch. Yummers.

that stage...

I kinda have the post wedding blues. Is that weird? I had a blast at my best friend's wedding last weekend but afterwards, when it all sunk in, it kinda messed up my head a little bit. Actually, it hit me at the reception. I looked around my dinner table at all my friends that I grew up with and I realized I'm one of the few that is still single. Not married. Not even close to having a boyfriend. The token single girl at every big event. I've always been ok with being the single girl. It's a great time actually. But I think I've reached that age, or that stage where all your friends are getting married, leaving you behind because you don't have a Plus 1.

I texted Bionic Woman to tell her I've got a plan. I wanna be married by 32. That gives me 3 years to find a man, 1 year for him to propose, and 1 year to plan the wedding. She texted me back, "Who are you right now? You have a five year plan?"

OK, OK. So we can toss the timeline. But still. Am I ready to hang up my single stilettos?

In my closet...

Like parents who claim they don't have a favorite child, I'm trying to make a serious effort to not play favorites. With my clothes, that is. I donated 15 large garbage bags of clothes this fall and I still have enough clothes to fill up 4 closets, a dresser, under my bed, and the oven. Yet with all this excess I still end up wearing the same outfits every week, picking out the same clothes that are placed on top. I figure if I document what I'm wearing I won't forget that these outfits are smushed in the back, waiting patiently to be worn again.

So here's today's outfit. I haven't worn these Pumas since last year. I bought them because they reminded me of the LA Gears I used to wear in the 90's.


My bedroom, which is also my office, is an absolute disaster right now. I'm buried under piles of papers, notes, and books. It kinda looks like this:

(Image via Vol 25)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Men's style

I can't concentrate today. I've got boys on my mind so I figure I'd write a rare post on men's style. I don't really have a type but lately my head turns every time I see guys wearing the following:

Skinny Ties & Bow Ties:

Nerd Glasses:
a la Talented Mr. Ripley

Skinny Jeans:



and, of course, Facial Hair:


Monday, November 16, 2009

i want to wake up where you are

S called today and now I can't concentrate on anything else.

*I miss him.

(Image via Le Love)

my best friend's wedding

We've been talking about this day together since we were 12. We had the details picked out, the dream man described, but at that time he was faceless and not nearly as perfect as the one who walked into the picture 7 years later. I've been dreaming about this day for over a decade, counting down the days the past few months, and this weekend the day finally came, my best friend's wedding.

Was it everything we imagined? No, not even close. It was a million times better. I love the bride so much, and the groom for being her perfect other half, that I was overwhelmed with emotion. I cried when I saw her in her dress. I cried through their beautiful vows. I cried when she danced with her dad. I cried when he danced with his mom. I cried when his father gave a heartfelt blessing. I looked around the room that was filled with so much love between family, friends, and couples and I thought my heart was going to burst from all of the love.

I watched them dance, smiling and kissing, and watched how they looked at each other. I thought, that's what I want. That is what love is. Have I been aiming too high? Maybe. But after watching them, and all the wonderful couples in the room, how could I settle for less?

I couldn't catch the bride that much through the night but take my word for it, she was stunning.

The cutest flower girl


always a bridesmaid

my other half, K. While the maid of honor was making her (hilarious) speech, K turned to me and said, "I'm writing a speech for you, even if I'm not your maid of honor." I was actually thinking the same thing about her during the speech. I have some of it written already!

we were highly entertained by the fact that everything metal kept getting attached to our bracelet that had a magnetic clasp.

my college roommate. love her!

One of my favorite accents of the night, the Rutgers ice luge

One of my favorite photos, the single ladies during a slow song : /

my friend, H, lived in the area so he stopped by after the reception to party with us

the infamous Fat Sandwich. Read: Cheesesteak, mozzarella sticks, fries, chicken fingers, and marina sauce, all in one sandwich. Mmmmmmm! i gained 25 lbs in college because i ate 3 a day for a year.

It was the most fantastic weekend. ever. As for the FH, I didn't meet him this time. There's always the next wedding, right?