Monday, September 14, 2009

My weekend

I had another super busy weekend (I know, I say this every weekend). I was pretty exhausted on Friday but had been home all day battling writers block and still trying to get my apartment to look organized so I needed to get out. I went over to Wifey's for some vino and then we had a low key night out at Sweet Afton, my new favorite local bar.

Saturday, I bartended at a private party in a sweet Flatiron loft. I met so many interesting people at this party and ended up having a blast while working.

I woke up early Sunday morning to catch the train to Jersey to help my mum pack for her move (for good) back to Thailand (in 2 weeks). This is also when the fun stopped. I still have some boxes of miscellaneous junk that I stored in her shed that I needed to sort through and move to my storage space. Being that I was already overwhelmed with how much stuff I've moved to my new apartment, I had underestimated the amount of stuff that was left at my mum's. It was a gorgeous, warm, and sunny afternoon and I spent it sweating, battling spiders and cobwebs, rifling through memory lane (which should be renamed Pack Rat Avenue). On top of my junk, I had to go through my mum's, trying to convince her of all the things she doesn't need to save. We were both pretty miserable by the end of the day; tired, stressed, and sneezy from all the dust.

I was so frustrated and cranky last night; tired of never having enough space, tired of packing, storing, and moving, and the reality that I will no longer have family here in the states started to sink it. I've taken the fact that my mum lives an hour and a half away for granted. I know she'll be much happier back in Thailand, I've been wanting her to move back for years, but I am going to miss her terribly.

Just before I went to bed, my mum remembered there was a package for me. I saw that it was from a certain cutie in London, ripped open the box, and was pleasantly surprised to find a gift hiding in a little teal box.

Seeing his name on the tiny little card made my entire day. *Smitten.

Today was another beautiful day wasted on more packing and moving. Here and there I would come across cards, letters, and gifts from ex boyfriends which brought some weird feelings up to the surface. I was emptying out an old wallet when I found a sweet note from an ex that I had put in there so I could read it whenever I needed a pick me up. I put it back in the wallet, still unable to throw it out. The only bright part of today was finding several old photo albums, seeing pictures that I thought I had lost when my computer crash last year. Yay to non ex related good memories!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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