Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who needs a boyfriend when you have a Wifey?

(Image via Le Love)

I got off work early today and gave Wifey a call to say hi. She said she was just about to make dinner and invited me to come by.

She made delicious steak with spanish rice and zucchini that I gobbled up in seconds. She decided to make cranberry muffins afterwards and we sat in the kitchen talking over a bottle of wine while I waited impaintiently for the timer to buzz. I decided now was a good time to take a look at an article of NYC's most eiligible bachelors and have Wifey decide which one was best for me.

Wifey's roommate walked in and asked what we were doing.

"Oh nothing. Just deciding who I should date," I answered as if this was as normal as saying I was just doing the dishes.

She laughed at us at said, "Sometime's I wish I was single."

Wifey and I, both a little tipsy by now, started cracking up. "What about this scene makes you nostalgic for your single days? The fact that we are having dinner, baking, and searching online for a single man?"

"Oooh look! Naked boy is in the kitchen again!" Wifey noticed, and we both rushed to press our faces against the window, trying to get the best view of the neighbor across the way who walks around in his underwear. "I wonder what he's eating now."

"Yeah, maybe I don't miss being single," Roommate decided afterall.

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Lali said...

he was in boxers last night and omg i swear for a skinny boy he has a solid body. face is eh-but i keep having this dream where i am baking and i run out of sugar and go over and ask for a cup of sugar and......

ok its not pg-but baking in a kitchen never looked so good.