Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heaven and Hell...at Sonic

Wifey and I crossed the (NYC/NJ) border today to run an errand and stumbled upon the first Sonic that I've ever seen north of the Mason-Dixon. We were so excited, we made a U-turn to get to it and the line was so long that a police officer made us keep going so that we didn't hold up traffic. We made two more U-turns to try again and this time we got in. (more difficult than getting past velvet ropes in NYC!)

We were so excited we ordered enough food for an overweight family of six. We ripped open the bag and inhaled the burgers and fries, smiling to each other, declaring, "This is heaven!"

Five minutes later our stomachs hurt so bad, we regretted eating so much so fast, and thought, "Oh god, I'm in hell right now."


Lali said...

"i want to brush my teeth.I hope i can lose weight while i brush"

Be one with the Fro said...

I heart sonic...those onion rings are the shit!

Stephanie said...

Sonic Happy Hour! I love their oceanwater, but sadly that's all. Well, the grilled chicken sandwich is pretty good, too.