Monday, September 7, 2009

My weekend

I had a very low key weekend yet it was still very stressful. Is that possible? For me, yes. My movers arrived late on Saturday and I worked into the late hours of the night trying to finish unpacking before my other roommate moved in (because my stuff was all over the living room, hallways, and spread into her room). It was such a gorgeous weekend, and I rarely have the weekends off, so I snuck in a bike ride over the Queensboro bridge to Central Park.

I spent the night unpacking and organizing again on Sunday night. While everyone was dancing the last weekend of Summer away at the Hamptons or Jersey shore (or Ibiza [if you're Brit] and Puerto Rico [if you're Tim]) I was untangling necklaces from my jewelry box that had been packed away for months, sneezing up a storm over the dust that had collected on these boxes. Isn't my life extremely fabulous? I'm certain you're jealous.

I woke up early today to lay out on my rooftop before our guests arrived for our very first BBQ. We had a great turnout and no one went running after Jaydee (my roommate) tried to serve them these seriously charred weiners.

I still have quite a ways to go with the organizing , but at least, now that I have my home office set up, I can start working again. I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend filled with fewer back aches, dust bunnies, and charred weiners than mine!

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