Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hang up! Hang up! Hang up!

Bionic Woman sent me this link over the weekend of a voicemail a guy left for a girl he met at the bar.

It's usually us girls who get pegged as the pathetic voice mail leavers a la He's Just Not That Into You but this guy definitely takes the crazy cake!

Looooong, rambling, pathetic VM? Deadlines? Threats? Come on!

I had a guy a few months ago leave me a similar type of message. He wouldn't leave me alone until I gave him my number. I figured, he'll give up if I never answered. After about 10 phone calls he ended up leaving me a 20 minute message about how rude I was for not returning his calls and that I shouldn't have given him my number if I was going to be playing games. Eeeeek!

Hey guys, leave the crazy to us!

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