Friday, June 18, 2010

bars, boys, and balls

Last night I started off with this gigantic drink that Little One made me. I felt like a was on Spring Break. Don't worry, I didn't lose my top or find myself naked in a hotel swimming pool with 20 girls. That was so 2004.

We met some friends at Rio Grande for birthday crackeritas (my favorite!). And then off to High Bar for more drinks.

Then we went to XXI Bar to meet more friends. The bar was super packed and everyone was cheering. What is this so called basketball that's got everyone screaming at the TV screen? And why do I have a donut around me?

It was such a fun night but I got in a taxi and went home before I started displaying spring break behavior. I woke up too late and too tired to go to a bar to watch the USA World Cup match so I watched it at home on the couch. What a terrible call by the ref! USA totally got robbed but what a great game! Little One came over to lay out during the sunny afternoon and then I came back inside to watch the England game. What a snoozer! I fell asleep after the half. Now I'm sitting at home watching the subway series. When did I become such a sport fan? I'll be completely sported out by August but does watching hot men running around, swinging, and kicking at balls ever get old?

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