Sunday, October 24, 2010

shoulda stayed in...

Wednesday, I actually had plans to go out but I got home after work and after about 5 days straight of going out I couldn't even move. I was on the couch shaking and sweating.

Thursday, I went Halloween costume shopping (you'll see!) and planned on spending the evening cutting, gluing, and sewing. But then I came home to some news that wasn't pleasant and decided I needed to go out to take my mind off things. My girlfriend, Kristin, and I got invited to a party at Greenhouse for Neyo's birthday. I've had a great time there before and it's not somewhere I go often so I decided to go.

Either I'm getting older or people are getting douchier...or both...because the experience was not fun at all. The place was crowded with rude men, girls in too tight too short dresses (and that's saying a lot because there's never too short for me), 1 girl with dreadful, gag inducing B.O., people pushing from all directions, and the following most awful guy ever:

This guy approached me and asked me where I was from. I said I lived here, meaning New York. He said, "I know that but where are you from originally?" I said Thailand. He said, "Oh, I could've guessed that." I'm certain he couldn't have or else he would've guessed that to begin with. So he asked, "Do you speak Chinese?" This did it for me. Why the fuck would I speak Chinese- I asked- Do you speak Chinese? "No," he answered and tried to change the subject but I couldn't even hear him anymore. I turned to Kristin and said- We're leaving.

Honestly, is this all that's left? My girlfriend, Hannah, said to me, "I never realized how much racial douchebaggery you have to deal with." Please tell me there are still intelligent, cultured, funny (and bearded and tattoed) men out there. Please.

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