Sunday, October 24, 2010

maturity is overrated

I feel like I've been out everyday last week. Oh wait, I was. Most of the time I never really plan on doing anything. I was working on Monday until 8PM... and then some friends came by...and then...Well...

I asked my girlfriends this weekend if it's possible that I'm an alcoholic. I mean, I drink an awful lot. They asked me, "Do you keep a handle of vodka in your car?" Well no, I answered, I don't have a car. "Do you feel like you need a drink?" They asked. No, I answered. It's just that I can never turn down an invite. "Oh, well," they said, "that's OK then. You're just popular." Haha. I like that assessment much better.

So we sat around drinking and drinking on Monday. Then we decided to have a dougie contest. (Such a hot dance). Loser had to pay the entire tab. After the contest we decided to wander the streets looking for a more happening bar in the East Village. It was a Monday so most places were quiet that night. We decided to stop into Continental Bar for their 5 shots for $10 deal. (Are we in college here?) After walking around some more we decided we weren't going to find a dance party and settled on a bar in Union Square that serves a free pizza for every drink you buy. (Again, are we in college?) The pizzas were totally unnecessary and I felt like a cow the next morning but at the time being, I imagined this is probably what heaven is like.

During the course of the night I was tricked into joining the Pen 15 club. (Going with our immaturity theme).

And decided to put the free NYC condoms to good use...

And passed by this bar on our search for a party but didn't go in because I had non-Asians with me.

We're too old to be ordering Woo Woo shots anyway...

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