Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For you, Tomson

It's late, I'm tired, yet I can't sleep.

It's October and the excitement of my favorite holiday of the year looms over my head. But there's something else. Every time I think of this month, I am reminded that I lost a dear friend two years ago in a motorcycle accident. I think about him often. Random things trigger his memory; A bicycle with a basket, black rimmed glasses, big smiles, tongue rings, sweaty palms, tequila, runway shows, baked potatoes, silly dancing, German accents...

Because of Tomson, I am reminded how precious life is.
For Tomson, I vow to live my life to its fullest.
For Tomson, I vow to live fearlessly and take more chances.

I'd like to dedicate my month of October to Tomson. Maybe you'd like to as well? Can you add to my list?
Wear that funky outfit.
Eat that extra (5) cupcake(s).
Stay out a little later.
Dance on tables.
Talk to strangers.
Make the first move.
Smile more often.
Break all the rules.

My boss, who is a baseball fanatic, always asks, "How you gonna hit that ball if you don't swing?"
For Tomson, I am going out swinging.

*i miss you everyday.

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