Friday, October 16, 2009

Flirty Owls

I had the day off yesterday and finally got around to cleaning my room, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and most importantly, finishing writing a chapter that I had been working on for a while. I had dinner plans later in the evening with an old friend and was ready to celebrate after finishing the chapter. We went to dinner at Civetta in Soho which was really cute and the food was super yummy. My friend and I hadn't talked in a long time so we got all caught up over (quite a lot of) vino and liquor. Before dinner (and because I was 30 minutes late! It was the subway I swear!) he was drinking a Negroni, an aperitif made of gin, sweet vermouth, bitters, and Campari. It is the most god awful taste to hit your buds but because it tastes so bad it's supposed to prepare your palette and make everything else taste that much better. After the talk we had over dinner about love, life, and lessons learned we decided to call our outlook on life, The Negroni, which loosely translates to, "After all the bad, with every wrong turn you make in life, there is something good waiting at the end of the path." I'm liking this newly named outlook.

You know what else I liked? My outfit last night. Not to toot my own horn and all but toot, toot! It was one of those nights where I kept asking people, "Don't I look so damn cute?"

You know what else is cute? Civetta had these owl decals on the windows of their restaurant.

I love owls and thought they were just so cute but I had no idea what it had to do with Italian Food. I looked up civetta today and that actually means "owl" in Italian. Civettare also means "to flirt" in Italian. So I found an awesome new restaurant, had a great time, and also learned a new word to add to my vocab. Woot!

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