Sunday, October 25, 2009

Inspiration Wall

One of my projects this weekend was to complete my "Inspiration Wall." I took me a while to decide what to hang up on my last empty wall space. I work from home and I spend hours of my day facing this wall, staring blankly at it, sometimes for hours on end, when I've got writer's block. I decided to turn it into an Inspiration Wall, tacking up images that inspire, motivate, and drive me.

I plan on adding to this wall as time goes by but this is the finished product so far:

I originally saw this multiple time zone wall clock at M's apartment and begged him to sell it to me. When he said no I waited for him to fall asleep so that I could steal it, but the opportunity never presented itself.

Inspired by his clock, I decided to make my own with the 3 cities I call the most, Bangkok, London, and New York. I bought the clocks and frames from the dollar store so it cost me less than $20 total!

I found this vintage typewriter print when I was walking through Union Square on a beautiful sunny day two weeks ago. I have a lovely little chat with the vendor, Doug, and he pointed out that there was a little message typed out on the typewriter. It started out saying, "Dear Maura, I'm so sorry..." This makes me a little sad so I decided to tape my own text over it that reads, "The End." The credits in Californication ends like this and I wouldn't mind finally typing out those last words when I finish writing my book.

Speaking of the book, I made a mock book cover to motivate me as well as my dedication page. I always knew that I would dedicate the book to my mom and brother:

I went back to Union Square again this weekend and this time the vendor that I've been looking for who sold this print was there. I don't know why but looking at this print makes me happy.

Over the weekend, I was going through the box of childhood photos that my mom gave to me, and found this picture of my mom while she was pregnant with me. This was the first time I've ever seen this photo and I think she looks absolutely beautiful. I own the same pair of sunglasses, 20 years later.

These two pictures of my brother and I are also included on the wall. He's been my hero ever since I was little and I strive to make him proud.

And these two kitties aren't on the wall but they napped peacefully together while I was hammering away.

Now that my inspiration wall is complete I love my work space even more than ever. I just have to stop staring at the wall and get back to writing!

What about you guys? What inspires, motivates, drives you?

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