Monday, October 5, 2009

My Weekend

This weekend flew by so fast. I had a rough day on Friday, after sending my mom off at the airport, but I was so busy preparing for a bachelorette party that I didn't have much time to mope around. I felt like my head was going to pop off from all the last minute things we still had to get done; decorations, food, shopping, gifts, etc.

We started the party off with a pole dancing class at S Factor. I had no idea what to expect but I had so much fun, laughing through the entire class. I must say I'm pretty excited to have picked up a new skill. I'm a natural on the pole. :)

I had all 18 girls over at my apartment for cocktail hour. We had a college theme since the bride and groom met at Rutgers and are getting married at Kirkpatrick Chapel. The color theme was red, white, and black and we served food from our school days such as Jimmy's Pizza, Brower Buffet, and Fat Sandwiches. Our favorite bar in college was Olde Queens so it was only fitting that my apartment is in Queens.

Me and the beautiful Bride, Caroline.

Later, we took the party to Marquee and I really can't remember too much after that. My pictures didn't tell too much except for how drunk I was. I had only pictures of feet, back of people's heads, and just all black shots. It's probably best that there were no pictures.

I had such a friend time with the girls I grew up with. I wish we could get together like this every weekend. Well, maybe we wouldn't have the fifth bottle of vodka next time.

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Stephanie said...

FUN! your apt looks awesome.