Monday, October 19, 2009


I had yet another fantastical weekend. My chores were done, my apartment was clean and I was rested and ready to work. I stayed in Friday night and all day Saturday to work on a new chapter. My landlord hasn't turned on the heat yet so it was fa fa fa freezing in my apartment. I was bundled from head to toe, even wearing my knitted hat to sleep.

The heat came on for a brief moment friday night which resulted in a leak Saturday morning from all of our radiators and also from the apartment upstairs, which was dripping down to ours. Oh, the life of a starving writer; freezing cold and living in fear of the ceiling collapsing.

I finally got around to hanging up some pictures above my bed.

It's hard to see but they're black & white pictures of London, Kent, and East Dulwich, England.

All of my beloved books finally have a home on my IKEA bookcase. They're not alphabetized and organized yet but I just love looking at them sitting on the shelves.

I have one wall left, above my desk and dresser that is still bare. I've been debating what to do with it, which pictures I wanted to hang, but then I saw this living room from Made By Girl and was totally inspired. Why not hang them all up? I've always been a little hesitant about hanging things up. What if I decide to move it and have a big giant hole in my wall? I've also always been a little anal about having things match, which none of my stuff does. These mismatched frames go so well together, I'm inspired to make my own Inspiration Wall. (coming soon!)

I worked late Saturday night and decided to pimp myself out in exchange for a warm apartment to sleep in. Luckily, Miss Brit took me up on my offer, picked me up from work, stopped at a McDonalds drive through, went back to her place and stayed up late talking and eating in bed. I woke up next to her the following morning and thought, "Isn't it nice to wake up next to someone you love for a change?"

Miss Brit's mom woke us up Sunday morning and we headed to Bondi Road for brunch and unlimited drinks. B and I agreed that brunch has to be our favorite food. The place was super cute, an Aussie themed tiny hole in the wall, and the Eggs Benedict (my fave) and bloody marys were excellent. (Not to mention our Aussie waiter was McHot). We stayed there until they began setting up for dinner. (Read: way too long!)

We attempted to go shopping afterwards which we realized very quickly was not a wise idea. We were stumbling around, barely able to pull ourselves together. Our taxi driver earlier was laughing at us, saying he usually gets our kind after 10pm on a Saturday night.

I'm feeling a little under the weather today, I think from sleeping in a 30 degree bedroom. I've got some vitamins, tea, and meds and hoping to beat this before it gets worse.

Looking forward to what this week has to offer. Hope you had a lovely weekend!


The Novelista Barista said...

LOVE ur picturess!!!! :)

Stephanie said...

because of you...I'll never post pics of my apt :p

Nina said...

Thanks, NB : )

S- now I wanna see : ) I get a lil excited because I haven't had a place that felt like home in a long time.