Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

It has rained every year on Memorial Day weekend for the past 9 years. I know this because I was on the lifeguard stand every year, freezing my ass off in a hoodie and sweats, soaked by cold ,spitting rain. I believe the lifeguarding curse has been lifted as it did not rain. I went to the beach for 2 whole hours and only complained 3 times of being hot/bored/hungry.

Went to Avenue in Long Branch on Friday night. It would have been fun if 1) I had friends there 2) the dj didn't suck ass 3) someone bought me a damn drink (so expensive!) 4) my stupid polka dot dress didn't keep blowing over my head and 5) the girls with implants didn't think they were starring in a music video.

On Sunday I went to a bbq at Annie's boyfriend Burt's house. Very impressed with Annie's hostessing abilities. I'm not one for bbq's and the all day drinking thing. I'm not comfortable drinking during the daylight hours where people can see me and I have to make conversation with people. Also, I just never understood bbq activities such as bean bag toss, horse shoes, beer pong, wiffle ball, etc..etc.. Why can't people just sit, eat, and drink without having to converse or be active? Nonetheless, I drank a gallon of margheritas, ate 37 wings, 2 hot dogs, and 4 cannolis, participated (reluctantly) in a game of flip cup, and had a smashing good time.

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