Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I am Beautiful: For just a Penny a Day

This is a panegyric to the people I encounter daily who can make my day or at least manage to unfurl my snarl for just a few minutes…

1) The NJ Transit Bus Driver who lets me ride for free every morning.

2) The Parking Attendant Guy next to my work who smiles and waves and says, "I love you," with his hand over his heart as I walk by 10 times a day.

3) The Guys at the Corner Café where I get my coffee every morning and my lunch every day at 1pm. They always have my small coffee with skim ready or add avocado to my sandwich, no extra charge.

4) The Guy Who Stands With the Empty Water Cooler Bottle outside of Barnes and Noble asking for just one penny a day to help the homeless. I drop in a penny everyday and he says "Thanks, beautiful" everyday.

It is small and it is simple but for a few minutes a day (and a penny) my mood is lifted and I am genuinely happy.

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