Thursday, August 23, 2007

Interview # 5,378

It's already a given that I blew the answers to the standard "So, why should we hire you?" and "What are your best qualities" but this time I managed to fail myself in the small talk category which I typically think I'm pretty great at...

Interviewer: So what'd you have for breakfast?
Me: Well, I STOLE an egg from my roommate and I boiled it and ate it. Oh and a granola bar, but that was mine.

Later question:
Interviewer: So tell me, Nina, what do you hate the most?
Me: Oh god. I HATE slow walkers! Or, like, you know, the sidewalk hoggers? Like 5 people who all walk side by side. Or, oh god, the ones that kinda zigzag, you know? Like you're speeding up to pass them and then they kinda veer to the side so that no matter what you do they are walking in front of you? I HATE THAT!

Do you think I did ok?

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