Friday, November 14, 2008

On Living Alone

Start noticing shower draining slowly.
One month later. Drain fully clogged.
Debate calling maintenance to snake. Decide against. No time to clean apartment. Too embarrassing.
Another month goes by. J visits. Suggests Drano.
Three days later. Buy generic Drano at CVS.
One week later. Drano still sitting in plastic bag in corner of room.
Decide enough is enough. Take Drano out of bag. Drano leaked all over bag and hands.
Rub eyes.
Read label. Keep away from eyes and skin. Eyes burning.

Woke up to the sound of maintenance guys radioing outside my door.
Static. Static. "Yeah I'm on the 7th floor. Yeah I smell that. Don't know where it's coming from," says Maintenance Guy, outside my door.
Cower in bed. Blankets pulled up to eyes. Hope no one wearing a gas mask breaks down my door.

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