Thursday, July 14, 2011

funny notes

For the Fourth of July my roommates and I were having friends over for a BBQ on our rooftop. When we got up there to set up, we saw a shitload of dog poo. There were piles of it all over the roof. We didn't know what to do because we felt it shouldn't be our job to clean up after someone else's pet, but we also couldn't just leave it because it's going to get dark and our friends surely wouldn't be happy about stepping in poo. At first, we decided to sweep it all in to a corner, but since the poo had been up there for some time it was very dry and would crumble into tiny pieces and we were essentially just spreading a dusty layer of poo across our roof. I had no choice but to scoop it all up and dispose of it in a plastic bag. But I still felt like our neighbor shouldn't be able to get away with such inconsiderate behavior. We knew there was only one apartment in our four apartment building that has a dog so it wasn't too difficult make an assumption.

I thought of so many things I could write to my neighbor in a note but I had been drinking a bit and wasn't sure if I could articulate well. I decided on a simple note with an innocent question: Does this belong to your dog? Very diplomatic and civilised compared to other variations I composed in my head.

I saw this funny note below on a site filled with more hilarious notes to neighbors.

PS: I was quite surprised by how satisfying it felt to leave a bag of dog poo with a note in front of a neighbor's door. You should try it some time!

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