Friday, July 20, 2007

Sifting through women's panties..

Last night I had the exciting task of driving down to Red Bank Police Station to look through over 100 pages of pictures of recovered stolen goods. Some items were stolen out of my car in November, and then, oh silly me for not learning my lesson, once again in December. The lowlife took my jacket I bought in Italy, $400 cash, all my change, even under the seats, my lucky Buddha, my makeup bag incuding makeup in it, and my October 06 issue of Glamour. And then in December he/she stole my Nike running sneakers that were 6 years old.

Apparently they caught someone who had been burglarizing homes in the Red Bank area who confessed to a bunch of car thefts as well. The thief was Mexican though I'm not implying anything by adding that. This man apparently stalked his targets, women in their 20s, before breaking into their homes or cars. Apparently he stole only female items that he kept for his own personal pleasure. I looked through pictures of pink ipods, purses, shoes, jewelry, makeup, razors, and photos of the women that he stole from which he had hanging in his own room.

Unfortunately I was not able to identify anything as mine which means there's another fucker still out there wearing my jacket and Nike's, stroking my lucky Buddha. All I left with was the detective's number.

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