Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sweet summer kiss

On our last night on Samet we all went out and met up with some friends at Silver Sands Bar. Since it was Saturday night it was packed with Bangkokers taking a break from the city. D ran into a friend from Bangkok who was rather attractive. I didn’t think much about it, assumed he probably thought I was a man, but D said he thought I was cute. The guy was half French, half Japanese with very hot tattoos and cute LA style. He totally wouldn’t be my type in the states (Read: assholes in suits) but you’re supposed to step out of your box a bit when you’re on holiday. He seemed like a really nice guy, someone I would want to date which means I stayed away. Pretty backwards right? More on that later.

After the bar we all went to this karaoke place that’s open after hours. I’m not sure what was worse, the bar girls that were hussling in the front of the bar or Thai people taking karaoke so seriously. I think though, that on this trip I may need to pop my karaoke cherry. I held out long enough. I didn’t that night though. The guys sang one song and we decided to leave before someone gets pulled into the boom boom room with a bar girl, wearing a bikini, heels, and an open robe.

We all decided to go for a late night skinny dip, a requirement on Samet. It was such a beautiful, warm night and the water was so calm. It felt so great after drinking in a sweaty bar all night. I was floating in the water with J, the cute one, while he was trying to calm my fears of being attacked by a squid. I liked that he didn’t try anything, even though I was naked under the water.

The sun was coming up and I was starting to get cold from being in the water for so long so we decided to call it a night. He walked me to my bungalow and kissed me goodnight and headed back to his bungalow. Le sigh. It was the perfect ending to a beautiful night.


Anonymous said...

Aww your mom would be so proud if she knew you were opening up to karaoke!

Kim said...

That sounds so sweet at the end of the night there!

Anonymous said...

yo did you change your number?