Wednesday, November 3, 2010

48 hours of Halloween

Last week I was feeling like a big loser because I didn't have any Halloween plans. But then the invites started coming and I felt all was ok in the world again. With each invite I would've needed a different costume, from the Eyes Wide Shut party, Devils & Demons, Masquerade I narrowed it down to two.

Saturday I went as Cleopatra to the most amazing house party in midtown. It was the largest apartment I had ever seen in Manhattan, stocked with a full bar, snacks, and DJ. There were people dancing on the bars, windowsills, tabletops...It was like out of a movie...

(this was a photo before the party)

I was pretty hungover on Sunday, but come on, it's Halloween! You HAVE to dress up. This time I wanted to be something more fun and comfy so I went as a Party Penguin. I think I may have developed an alter ego. Not to mention...I LOVE not having to wear pants!

Party Penguin and the Geico Gecko!

Romy came to visit and, of course, we headed back to karaoke.

She didn't have a costume so I told her to put on her boyfriend's clothes, draw a mustache on her face, and be a hipster boy. Done! She looked like a bit of a creeper but is it strange that I was kinda attracted to her?

It was such a wild weekend, I really wish everyday could be Halloween.

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