Thursday, November 11, 2010

no sleep till...

I've had so many friends in town lately, it feels like my apartment is just a revolving door of a motel. This weekend I had a friend from high school call me last minute to tell me he was in town for work. I was pretty booked up for the weekend but I managed to squeeze him in between 4 and 6PM on Friday. (I knew how awfully self important this sounded but it really was all I had free!) We went and got hot chocolate from Max Brenner and sat in Union Square and caught up. It felt like a scene from a movie; he in a suit and me in ill fitting urban hunter attire, catching up on our very different lives.

After that I rushed off to midtown west to watch a Thai kickboxing match with a friend from college. How random on both the company and the event. I had pictured the fight being held in a seated arena and was more than thrilled to find out it was in a basement below a church. It just had such an underground, illegal feeling to it and I loved it. It was standing room only and the ventilation wasn't so great so it got pretty hot in there, especially with all we were drinking. My friend and I were betting on the fights, loser buys the next round. I kept winning. It was so funny because my method of choosing fighters was usually based on what the fighter's face looked like or what they were wearing. Hey, whatever gets me free drinks right? I felt so homesick and some points, hearing the traditional Thai music during the fight and watching the fight ceremony. The DJ was playing hip hop in between rounds and it kinda felt surreal, like I was in between my two worlds, NYC and Bangkok.

On Saturday, my friend from Sweden was in town with her family. I was trying to coordinate so many different groups of friends to meet in one place which always results in too many taxis and a night spent text messaging. But somehow we made it work and all met in the East Village for a night of drinks and silly dancing.

I met the Swedes again on Monday for some jazz and drunken ping pong tournaments at Fat Cat. It was such a funny night and somehow I came home with pockets full of ping pong balls.

I haven't had any sleep in days and tonight I'm catching a flight to New Orleans. I'm certain I won't be getting any sleep in the next 5 days.

Be back soon with New Orleans updates!


carebears said...

Now I am curious! Who from HS and college? Have fun in NOLA! Miss you!

nina said...

you'll have to call me to find out ; )