Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hello again!

I can't believe five weeks have gone by already. I thought I would have some time to update in between but I didn't have any free time to myself. I'm finally back in my apartment in Astoria. On our way back from Bangkok we had stops in Tokyo and Chicago. After we landed in NYC, we went straight to NJ to see my boyfriend's family. We had a day to catch up, do laundry, and then repack our bags for a trip to North Carolina. Yes, I was in 5 cities in 4 days. 

I always feel a little disoriented when I return. It's a mixture or jetlag and culture shock. On top of that I feel like so much has changed in such a short amount of time. New storefronts and eateries have popped up on my street, and even my apartment feels different with things being rearranged. I also always get the post holiday blues. You would think I'd come back refreshed after so much time away but I always feel a little down about having to go back to reality. You mean I can't just travel around the world attending weddings forever? 

I'm not sure where to begin with the holiday recap but I hope I can sort through the pics quickly, get organised, and get back to blogging. How was the rest of everyone's summer? Oh how I've missed you!

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