Thursday, September 29, 2011

what to do?

It's gonna be a gray and rainy day here in NYC. What should I do? Go to a movie? (I still haven't seen The Help). Get some Thai noodle soup? Or stay in bed and watch movies?

(Photo was taken on a rainy day in Krabi, Thailand).

Update: We decided on options B and C. We went and got Senleg Tom Yum noodle soup at Sripraphai, the best (and my favorite) Thai restaurant in NYC. Afterwards, we picked up some Cheap Red Wine (love the label), came home, and watched It's Kinda A Funny Story from Netflix. The movie was just kinda OK. My boyfriend described it as, "It's like somebody shit in the cupcake mix," and said, "Let's put it in the mail so that it never comes back." He should be a movie critic.

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