Monday, June 4, 2007

A Day In The Life...

I set my alarm for 6:45am this morning to go to the gym but the alarm didn't go off. I woke up late at 9:00am by a text from my boss letting me know it's rainy and cold out and to dress warm.

Didn't have time to shower. Couldn't think of anything to wear because it was rainy and I have multicolored polka dot rain boots that I need to wear because I hate wet feet so just threw on some black leggings and a black stretched out fancy sweatshirt.

Walked to the bus stop and even though I had my umbrella and rain boots was still drenched because it was raining sideways. Put $1.25 in the money thing on the bus and the bus man tells me the fare just went up to $1.35. Had to scrounge in my purse for a dime while everyone waited behind me.

Got to the path station and realized I forgot my magic wallet at home that contained my path card, metrocard, debit card, and all 4 major credit cards.

My umbrella flipped inside out 3 times while walking to work. Got to work and was asked on the status of the labels I was supposed to order 4 weeks ago but hadn't yet because I had to get the design from the computer/design guy, get the price quote from the printer, wait 2 weeks to get an OK on the price from the big boss, wait for a sample from the printer guy who sent me an incorrect sample so had to wait for another sample that sucked, had to send printer guy sample, and wait for printer guy to send back a matched sample. Basically was told I need to work a little harder.

Forgot about a client meeting I had after work with guys from Interbrand. Bitched all day about how I woke up late and didn't dress properly for a meeting with clients. Went to Sephora to at least put some makeup on. A man was wheeling a woman in a wheelchair around the store. They might have thought they were shopping but it seemed to me like he was just wheeling her around behind me. The aisles are obviously not big enough for a wheelchair lady plus other shoppers. Out of courtesy, I would put down the lipgloss I'm looking at and step out of the aisle so that they could pass by. But no, wheelchair lady and wheeler man were not passing by. They would stop right in front of the makeup section that I was looking at. No "excuse us". No "thank you". No "I'll be just a minute". So now I am tapping my feet, crossing my arms, and rolling my eyes at them. And ultimately I felt guilty for being annoyed with a lady in a wheelchair. Then I was angry that they made me feel guilty for being insensitive to someone who was handicapped, even though she was rather impolite.

6:30pm Met with the people from Interbrand at Soho Grand for some cocktails. Meeting went really well and I got a good, free buzz from wonderful dirty martinis.

Said goodbye to everyone, turned down a cab ride, and walked to the subway. Got to subway and remembered that I had forgotten magic wallet with metrocard plus debit and credit cards at home. Had to walk about 40 blocks to the path station. 30 in the right direction. 10 in the wrong.

Walking up to my apt, could hear singer roommate singing and playing the keyboard from down the street. Got home to find singer roommate giving non-singer roommate singing lessons. Very funny scene. Singer roommate claims he could teach me to sing as well. Those who have heard me sing know this is an impossible, futile feat. I have been encouraged to try out for American Idol because I could be famous like how William Hung was famous.

Made a chicken with spinach salad for dinner. Ate it. Showered, finally. Just another day.

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