Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Karma Cleansing

I've been having a bit of bad luck lately..such as losing some cash that I vehemently blamed the new kitchen boy for stealing... And whenever I am having continuous bad luck I try to do some good deeds to reverse my bad karma.

This morning, as I yanked open the medicine cabinet to get my toothbrush, my roommate's blue Oral B toothbrush came flying out and before I could stop it it fell right in to the toilet. I stared at it in disbelief for a minute, cursing at my shitty luck. An inch of the handle end was out of the fuliginous water so I fished it out and rinsed it. I was about to put it back in the medicine cabinet but then I thought his toothbrush could touch my toothbrush and then I would have toilet water on my toothbrush. Plus I didn't want my roommate to get sick and then it would be all my fault.

So then I boiled some water and was going to soak the toothbrush in it. That kills germs right?

But then I remembered that my karma was in dire need of cleansing, more than the toothbrush, so I threw out the toothbrush, sent roommate a text saying "toothbrush in toilet sorry will buy new" and bought him a shiny new orange medium bristle Oral B toothbrush for $3.69 at CVS. A small price to pay for better karma.

AND...as luck would have it, or good karma really...I found my money!

So I guess I also owe new kitchen boy an apology for my quick accusation and for threatening to jump him for his bike.

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