Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hanging Out With Angie Jolie

I've had 3 dreams over the past 5 months about Angelina Jolie and me being best friends.

I know, listening to someone recant their dream to you is nearly as boring and as big of a waster of your 5 minutes as listening to someone tell you about their stupid new diet and all that they've eaten today to stick to it. But bare with me because I need your advice on what you think this all means.

A few months back, the first dream, I dreamt that I was hanging out at Angelina's (she told me to call her Angie) house, sitting around talking and drinking wine while Brad was out. And while we were there Jennifer Aniston wouldn't stop calling the house, harassing my girl Angie, and lurking around the bushes trying to find a window to break in to. Angie was complaining to me about how awful Brad's ex-wife is and I was relating to her, bitching,"Ugh, exes are so annoying! Get over it Jen!"

My next dream was just a few days later where Brad and Angie called me to go with them to Will and Jada's house. And I went with them. Nothing too eventful.

And now last night, my third dream, I dreamt that I was going to some event for children with whatever problem that they needed fundraising for, and Angie called me to tell me she was going to meet me there, she's flying in from Africa and was going to rush over to support me and my cause. Afterall, we are best friends.

So, uh, what do you think this all means? I mean 3 dreams are pretty significant. Do you think that I'm supposed to, like, write Angie a letter and tell her about my dreams that I've been having about her and how, like, I think it means that we're supposed to be friends?

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Kristine said...

hahaha I love it. I can't wait to read about you in "People Magazine", headlines reading, "Fans That Take It Too Far". There will be a blown up picture of you being dragged away from Angelina's mansion. And later on, when your being interviewed by Barabara Walters, you will just explain that Angelina has been traveling and visiting you in your dreams for too long and it was finally time to take your friendship to the next level!