Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just Another Tuesday

I got home from a Wheaton Networking Event last night at 10pm overheated and exhausted. I was looking forward to a quiet night of writing and getting to bed early.

Around 11pm, outside my bedroom door, I hear hammering, clinking, and my roommate saying, "Does Nina know what you're doing?" I didn't even want to know but I had to come out of my room to use the bathroom.

My roommate, Sergio, has set up a makeshift bar with various liquors and mixers in our living room. They had a salad bowl filled with ice on the table and lined up all of our mismatched glasses. My other roommate, Andrew, was hammering a Jack Daniel's banner to the doorway to keep the AC in the living room. They both looked up at me as if I've caught them shaving each other's legs. I thought they were planning on having people over for a party but to my relief and amusement, Andrew was giving Sergio bartending lessons for his first shift on Friday. I went back into my room to try to finish up my work but they kept bringing me drinks to my room to "taste". After tasting no less than 3 of each Cosmopolitan, Metro, Margherita, Appletini, Lemon Drop, and other mysterious concoctions, I was pretty drunk and Andrew was wasted, so I had no choice really but to put away my laptop and join the drink tasting party.

Not only was Sergio trying to memorize liquor to mixer ratios but he was practicing his bartender charm on his instructor, winking at Andrew as he handed over the drinks. Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching my male roommates pinching each other's nipples and giggling.

While making small talk over these drinks the boys proceeded to try to diminish any previous impressions I've had of the other one being a "sweetie" by telling me incriminating stories of each other and challenging "Oh who's the sweetie now?" after each virgin ear hurting story. My ignorance was bliss in this case.

Andrew also comes up with his best ideas when he's inebriated and this time was no exception. "I know! Lets all get matching tattoos!" We shot that down so he suggested, "Lets all get naked!" Then he disappeared for 10 minutes and returned with people he recruited off the street to come test Sergio's elixirs. They left shortly after witnessing the shit show that we were but we managed to hold one girl hostage and force her to eat our pasta and scrambled eggs combination (the only ingredients we had) while she protested that she wasn't hungry, didn't like pasta and eggs, and had to get to bed.

Sigh. Just another tuesday night at our apartment.

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