Friday, March 18, 2011

St Patrick's Day

I'm not much of a holiday person and St. Patrick's Day is up there on my "Least Favorite" list. I would've gone about my day thinking it was just another Thursday had it not been for the sea of people wearing kelly green. Just like New Years, people think they have a day pass to drink as much as they can get their lips on and act like Spring Breakers. Do I sound like a wet blanket? I feel like one.

Anyway, this year I didn't make any special plans. One of my BF's was in town for work and we made loose plans to meet up for dinner. Then my other friends from Jersey said they wanted to meet up for the night as well. We had drinks in NOHO and then wandered around looking for a place to eat that didn't feature corned beef hash. We happily agreed on burritos and margaritas. Dinner was a riot and we decided to cut ourselves off when Romy kicked the table, spilling all the drinks (but mine). Because I made fun of her for it, she tickled me so that I was unable to swallow my drink and ended up spitting it out. Time to leave when you're having tickle fights and spitting up in the restaurant.

We wanted to continue on to a bar but we couldn't find a "quiet place where we could talk" on this stupid holiday. So we cabbed it back to my friend's hotel and had a slumber party. My friends are always so generous when they're in town for business, letting me stay in their room, pretending I'm on holiday. I said to them, "One day it'll be my own hotel room and I won't be drunk all the time."

I woke up with a massive hangover the following morning and my friends already left for work. I showered and gathered my things but as I was leaving I thought, "I'm running low on soap." So I grabbed some soap. Then I thought, "I always need travel sized toiletries." So I grabbed the shampoo. My friend also left behind a copy of Elle. I figured, I hadn't read it yet, I might as well take it. Then I eyed the toilet paper. I mean, it's not cheap and we go through it so fast. So I took those. As I left the room, I thought, "I am such a scrub." At least I'm not too proud, right?

I had to go to work and didn't have time to stop home for a change of clothes. I figured it was fine, nobody at work ever notices what I wear. But then I realized my friend also left her kelly green "Kiss Me I'm Irish" shirt. She bought it but never wore it. I contemplated wearing it to work, so that I was in fresh clothes, but then I debated- Which is worse? Wearing the same clothes to work two days in a row? Or wearing an obvious St. Patrick's Day shirt, the day after? I decided to leave the shirt behind, in place of where the coffee maker was. Think they'd notice?

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